Weekend Bloomers

Last night I finished my Heather Ross, Weekend project, only a couple of weekends (and one week day) late. I am so excited about these bloomers because they are so so so cute and they actually fit both my 8 month old with her cloth diaper and my 3 year old. Yay! I used this really cute red and white stripped fabric from Wilmington’s Back Porch Prints series and now I totally want to do them in green and white and blue and white stripes. I think I’m either going to make the smock from Amy Karol‘s, Bend the Rules Sewing book or the little swing top from Kitschy Coo to go with the bloomers. Ah…so many projects and so little time!

Q is holding herself up here!

Q is holding herself up here!

Speaking of which, as part of my Rocket Man project (a birthday gift for a little buddy of my daughter’s), I took apart an old, stained lap tee to use the fabric and now have a template for the lap tee collar. I’m thinking infant gown, lap tee dress, s/s tee, l/s tee. Each step in this Handmade Experiment gets more exciting and inspiring to me. Maybe after the year, at the end of this Experiment, I’ll actually have the confidence and the know-how to create when before I could only imagine.




If you do this and you deconstruct and need help with the reconstruct, check out this super helpful tutorial over at Patchy Apple.

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