The Handmade Experiment – It’s spreading!

Just wanted to post a quick note about the awesome compliment I got today. Yancey, a crafty mama and artist friend of mine, came over with her family for dinner tonight and she told me that my Handmade Experiment blog and projects have inspired her to finally sew the “creatures” she paints into 3D objects. She showed me a prototype of her first one and it is very cute.

So cool! I’ve been getting such great feedback from everyone. People have told me they’ve been starting new projects and wanting to learn how to sew or do recycled crayons or something else they’ve read about here. It is just amazing to me. I’m doing a wiggly finger dance and spreading the handmade lovin’ right now. (which sounds a lot more bizarre than it really is, I assure you.)

Alright, enough of that. I’ve got a lot of work planned for this weekend. Cory and I are headed out to Knittin’ Kitten tomorrow on a cool notions hunt. I’ve got a tutu and a super hero cape to make for a double birthday party next week and I’ve got my first seamstress gig. A friend saw the bloomers I made last week and says she’ll buy fabric enough for two pairs if I make her one. Pretty good deal. I’m feeling good. Think I’ll just dance my way out of here. Night!

wiggly fingers….wiggly fingers….clap, clap, twirl.

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