Get your craft on – Inspiration Wednesday

I was hoping to have a triangle hat tutorial ready for you guys today, but I have regretfully fallen far behind. So many projects are beginning to pile up and instead of finishing them I bug out and start something new. I WILL get my act together soon, but it is sunshiny in Portland so you’ll have to forgive me.

Instead, I’ll introduce or perhaps just remind you of two really great blogs/magazines that I often use as inspiration and that excited me about handmade before this experiment even began.


First is Junior Society. I’ve been a member for awhile now, after becoming such a big fan of Robert Mahar‘s, Mahar Drygoods website. This blog always has the best, well designed stuff.


Second up is Small Magazine. I’ve been a fan of this online magazine since the first issue and always just sit and drool over all the great clothes and illustrations. They’ve just recently come out with a blog, too.

I hope these sites help get those creative juices pumping. Craft happy!

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