Must Have Monday – tutorials and handmade items to make your El Cinco de Mayo a hit!

My man and I have been together for fourteen years tomorrow. El Cinco De Mayo! Margaritas, fireworks – it is always a good time. This year we’re having a party/potluck with some families from my mom’s group and even celebrating O’s, one of the little guys from the group, third birthday. My hubby is a bit of a bbq fanatic, so no, this isn’t our first time entertaining outside this year and it certainly won’t be the last. If you’re anything like us you love having outside parties, too! Here are some great handmade items to buy and make to get your party season and El Cinco de Mayo started right!



I love this great tutorial from WhiMSy Love. This pinata is a project you can do with your kids and is both a nice decoration and a fun activity during the party. The mom of the little boy whose birthday is tomorrow is bringing a pinata and I am SOO excited! I’ve never been to a party with a pinata before. Any chance to swing a bat, right?!? Ha!


Katydid and Kid’s Kitchen Table Crafts Party Banner Tutorial is a great decoration for your outside party. Whatever the occasion, from birthday party to July 4th, a banner like this one will get the message across and look spiffy in the process.


I am totally going to do this project! Crafterella’s Punched Tin Lanterns Tutorial looks like a fantastic way to light up an evening party. Perfect for a festive event like tomorrow’s, these could really be used year round. If you’re super crafty, you could even make your own candles!


Kika de Colores makes these beautiful, yet completely practical tortilla warmers. I adore the idea of having one of these resting on the picnic table while the meat is cooking on the grill. Just lovely. And since we eat Mexican food at least once a week in the summer, the warmer would practically always be in use. 🙂

Kooymandesigns corn tortilla press would be a great addition for any outdoor Mexican feast. They’ve even got a recipe for homemade corn tortillas on their site. So cool AND yum! I hope everyone has a great El Cinco de Mayo and check back to see what I made for O’s birthday. It is totally cool!

4 responses to “Must Have Monday – tutorials and handmade items to make your El Cinco de Mayo a hit!

  1. great ideas!! and congrats on 14 years! what a fun day to celebrate!

  2. We have arts and craft items that may be fun for the family. Download free.

  3. Thanks for posting my banner tutorial! I hope someone makes one!

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