Botanical Creations – Artist Interview and Jewelry Giveaway

If you are anything like me you are up to your eyeballs with spring fever. All the beautiful, bold, brilliant flowers. The dogwood and cherry blossoms, the tulips and daisies. It is no wonder my head is in a tailspin! It is also one of the reasons for this weeks oh so awesome garden theme. The other is this woman here.


Meet Kathryn.

Kathryn is the artist behind Botanical Creations whom I first featured in my post Souvenirs a couple of weeks ago. Since then I’ve gotten to know a little bit more about Kathryn. Not only is she a talented artist who has only been making jewelry since January of THIS year and is now in 7 retail stores across the Pacific Northwest, she is also a wonderfully imaginative gardener. Check out a few of her gardens and then read her interview below.


Fairy Garden, next to Children's Garden

kathryn fairy garden

New Path to Fairy Garden off of Children's Garden


Mailbox for Children's Garden


The Children's Garden Patio

Between the kids and me being sick this weekend and Kathryn’s busy weekend as featured artist in a Poulsbo gallery, we weren’t able to actually talk on the phone. Through the magic of email, I did get a couple of questions answered, though.

What inspires your art?
My jewelry is truly one of a kind. I didn’t see it anywhere I just starting pressing flowers this past summer and had piles of them and started creating. First magnets in the fall, but there’s not a lot of money in magnets. Women do like their jewelry though.

I think what inspires me is bringing joy to others. I want people to feel when they buy from me that they are still getting a gift. If you read my feedbacks I think I’m succeeding. I love to send the unexpected and do the unexpected. So my customers always come away with a treasure and a smile. Just this week for mothers day, I included a surprise gift for a single mom as I just thought she needed to be reached out to and loved.

How did you learn to make jewelry?
I am totally self taught in what I do. I just kept working at it until it clicked.

Do you grow all your own creations?
I use to be able to say, “All the flowers are from my garden,” but I can’t say that anymore. I have three friends across the US that just have flowers I don’t have. So, I am blessed to get supplies from them.

What inspires your fantastic gardening?
We moved here to the Pacific Northwest from Minnesota and it is my first real foray into gardening. If you were to visit my garden you would see different themes. I have a faerie garden, a secret garden and a children’s garden so far! My yard is enchanting. I either needed to start tearing out more lawn for another area or creating something different, hence the jewelry.

I guess what inspires me also is envisioning my grandbabies playing in the wonderland I’m creating. So a lot of what I do garden-wise is through a child’s eyes. And on this note……my first grandbaby is going to be born probably sometime tomorrow in England, as my daughter in-law Lucy’s water just broke about four hours ago!!!

What is your creative process?
Creative process – pick , immediately start drying under at least ten pounds of weight . Wait for 5-6 weeks and peek. If flowers are totally dry, then I start “painting” with a little brush and adhesive. After several days of drying , I then coat with 2 or 3 layers of a protective coating. People ask me all the time,”Aren’t you afraid someone will copy you?” I always answer, “No. No one would do what I do!”

Blue Ultra-Violet Squill

Blue Ultra-Violet Squill

Thanks Kathryn! Like I said, not only a talented artist and an imaginative gardener, she also been nice enough to offer one of my lucky readers the chance to win $25 worth of merchandise from her Etsy store, Botanical Creations. Exciting, right! All you have to do is visit her online shop and then come back here and tell me what you’d buy if you won. Easy peasy, just like that. You’ve got until Sunday, May 17th, at midnight PST to enter, then comments are closed. The winner will be chosen at random using and announced on Monday. Don’t forget to leave me some way of contacting you!!

For extra chances to win, help me promote Kathryn and The Handmade Experiment. Tweet (@Flippincool), post onto Facebook, Myspace, wherever, blog about it and link back, or even just subscribe to my feed, then let me know in a separate comment for each promotion you did. Good luck and happy gardening!

*comments are now closed. Thank you to everyone for all your kind words and comments. Stay tuned for future contests and giveaways. Please support handmade and visit Botanical Creations frequently. πŸ™‚

127 responses to “Botanical Creations – Artist Interview and Jewelry Giveaway

  1. Hey, I’ve subscribed to your feed. I like your site, inspiring.

  2. Three Times The Charm. Door Knob or Pulls. Buy one….two….or all three. I have a beautiful chest that people see when they come to inhale my food

  3. subscribed- same person as above

  4. I’m a big fan of Kathryn’s work! I love everything in her shop, but if I were to win, I would choose a bookmark and the manly man skeleton leaf. The latter would be for my husband for Father’s day πŸ™‚ Thanks for featuring such a wonderful artist!!

  5. Frances Reiss

    I really like the daisy pendant.

    France Reiss

  6. I love the colour in the Queen Annes Lace and Cherry Red Verbena Square Pendant that she has listed!

  7. Kathryn is such a kind and creative person. I had no idea she’s been making jewelry for only a few months, though! That’s incredible. It’s really hard to pick a favorite, but I would get one of these:

  8. i love the vibrant deep purple larkspur penant.. oh, and the finger rings.

  9. I can’t believe that you’ve only been doing this a few months, Kathryn! Everything looks so professional, I’d have thought you’d been at it for years and years!

    I love your gardens, too! I want gardens just like that someday. πŸ˜€

    Oooh, with a $25 gift certificate, what wouldn’t I buy! I think my sister would really like this one-

  10. I love the Forever Bouquet of Flowers Pendants-very special,very pretty!

  11. I love your garde, it’s beautiful! I am so glad that you are doing well Kathryn! If I could win something from your shop I would like to win this pendant

    My mother has the same plant in her garden and it reminds me of my childhood!


  12. Lovely interview and such a talented person. I love the Blue Ultra Violet Squill Real Flowers Rectangle Glass Pendant. The pretty Blue would look so nice hanging around my neck.

  13. I sent out a Twitter for the interview and contest. Great idea.

  14. I love her nature-based products and designs! The Purple and More Purple is my favorite and she gives you a choice of cord colors.

  15. kathryn sherwood

    this is so fun to read what people are writing. Thank-you all for loving me. BTW Lucy, my daughter inlaw had baby Eleanor Grace last night!!! My first grandbaby. πŸ™‚

  16. James Jenkins

    wow, great contest

  17. Deep cherry red queen anne’s lace pendant/necklace. Real flowers – my fav. So unique things!!

  18. Forever Bouquet of Flowers

  19. I’d want to get the Deep Ocean Indigo-Purple Verbena rectangle pendant for my sister.

  20. Debbie Gibson

    I absolutely love everything I’ve gotten from Kathryn. I started out with pendants and then she custom made me 8 beautiful knobs for an antique dresser and it totally “made” the dresser. (Kathryn, I still need to send you a picture of it!) But it’s dangerous for me to look at her site because I like too many things. If I won the $25, I would choose the bishops weed and hydrangea petal pendant. Love your gardens!

  21. I would recommend anything Kathryn makes. I am a walking ad for her at work, because I have one of the beautiful bridal spirea pendants. Kathryn, Congrats on your granddaughter, you don’t look old enough to be a grandma. πŸ™‚ And you’re gardens are an inspiration. If I were to win, I would select a drawer pull for my mother’s antique secretary-desk. Thanks for featuring Kathryn and botanicalcreations. I will be reading your blog in the future.

  22. kathryn sherwood

    ahhhh, I blush. πŸ™‚

  23. the daisy pendant is great !! πŸ™‚

  24. sign me up

  25. wonderful story about a wonderful artist! i met kathryn from etsy and she is such an inspiration. her gardens sound so magical and to be fortunate to be near them… i wish i could!
    i love all the pieces kathryn makes so much…so pretty and the colours are stunning…

  26. I love the garden pictures. I have a black thumb, so I have to live vicariously through others’ triumphs of nature. It’s a shame, because I love being able to have flowers around the house, but I’ll just have to support other’s gardens by buying them. If I won, I’d probably choose this item:

    That way, I’d always have a flower, despite my gardening handicap!


  27. OMG you couldn’t find an artist with a smaller inventory or one that is less inviting, eh ;). It was hard to choose, but I keep coming back to anything with the Sweet Annie in it, so I’ll choose the bookmarks
    BUT, I’m also very partial to the Queen Anne’s Lace pendant
    sigh, too many choices

  28. The Eleanor Grace pendant.

  29. I get the Queen Annes Lace and Cherry Red Verbena Square Pendant, it’s stunning.

  30. I would love to buy this Pendant –
    Shouting It’s May. It’s MAY. This Jumbo Pendant/Necklace is 2.3 inches across.

  31. I love the Deep Cherry Red Salvia with a Pansy petal pendant

  32. The leaf paperweight and a flower ring.

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  34. Wow, these are beautiful. I really love the Mother’s Day Pendant/Necklace, The (child) looking up to it’s Mother. Real flowers. Columbine in May. It is gorgeous.

  35. It was hard to choose just one favorite for my comment! But, I chose the Sunshine Yellow Buttercups and Wild Daisies pendant/necklace. So pretty! And I love the size of it, too.

  36. OH how beautiful, I think I like the 4-leaf clover best, I need all the luck I can muster up !!!

  37. I would get th 4 leaf square pendant.

  38. I really like Lupine & Lilac and Sweet Annie & Pansy.

  39. quiltingreader

    Love in a Mist pendant/necklace

  40. Great article! Love the pictures. It is nice to put a face with the name and store Kathryn!

  41. Brandon Ralston

    I love the finger rings. Enter me please.

  42. Monique Rizzo

    I like the 4 leaf square pendant. Thanks for the chance.

  43. Kathryn is an amazing designer – I just love her jumbo pendants! It would have to be the ‘Sunshine yellow buttercups and wild daisies’ for me!

  44. Sweet Annie and Pansy petals pendant

  45. Linda Lansford

    I will buy Florida Milkweed

  46. kathryn sherwood

    I feel so loved by all these amazing comments. Thank-you one and all. πŸ™‚ Still blushing….

  47. My favorite is the Vibrant Deep Purple Larkspur pendant.

  48. My sister loves the Shouting It’s May. It’s MAY. Jumbo Pendant/Necklace . Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  49. I love the purple larkspur doorknobs. They would look so good in my bathroom. Thanks.

  50. beth shepherd

    Thank you for a great giveaway! I like the 4 leaf square pendant. Thank you!

  51. Bishops Weed, Ruby Red Maple Seeds, and varigated leaves. Rectange Pendant 1×2 REAL FLOWERS.

  52. laurie jackson

    I love the Forever Bouquet of Flowers Pendants I love all jewerly that is handmade from real things

  53. I’d pick “Never Ending Flowers in the Round”. But there’s LOTS of beautiful things.

  54. Janna Johnson

    I would get 2 of the sweet annie bookmarks! So pretty!

    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  55. I’d buy the Passion Pink Daisy. 2 Inch Square Glass Pendant/Necklace.

  56. I like Four Leaf Clover pendant. Listing # 24982773.

  57. Sign me up!!

  58. I would get the Vignette of Spring flowers Door Pull/knob! Thanks for the chance!!

  59. Can I change my mind? LOL. It was hard enough deciding the first time I left a reply, but I just went back to Kathryn’s site and saw all the new creations inspired by little Eleanor Grace’s arrival. I am love with the Peachy Apricot rectangle pendant. That is, until next time I check, and find more new listings. πŸ™‚

  60. I would get two of the Purple Larkspur pendants–one to keep and one to give as a present. Absolutely beautiful.

  61. kathryn sherwood

    I appreciate all the lovely words. They are very encouraging. Thank-you.

  62. Joanne Schultz

    May Forget-Me-Nots Pendant would be my choice.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. I love the Definitely Botanical rectangular pendant.

  64. I subscribed to your feed.

  65. Kristen Kiene

    I love Kathryn’s creations. I am so impressed by how creative she is! What beautiful pieces of art! I have a few of her creations and love them, but have also given some as gifts – people LOVE them!

  66. i like the daisy pendant!

  67. I would get the Recatangle glass pendant/necklace. Still thinking Girlie with this peachy aricot colored real flowers behind the glass. 1×2 inches it is gorgeous! I love the door knobs too but they wouldnt go with my cabinet fixtures!

  68. barbara wright

    Well, I like most of their stuff – it’s all gorgeous! But my favorite has to be the Precoscious Baby girl Pink. Earrings and Pendant. Daisy Fleabane behind Glass.

  69. I really like the Four Leaf Clover square glass pendant/necklace.

  70. Love Kathryn’s shop!! I just bought the forget-me-not pendant for my mom for mothers day… it is sooo pretty!! might buy one for myself if I win

  71. Mimi the kitten

    I love the necklace, Firey Hot Red Verbena with Orange colored petal behind. Real Flowers behind glass.

  72. I’d choose Blue Utra Violet Squill. My mother’s name was Violet and she grew some of the most amazing African violets and we always had something of the violet family in the yard. This is a lovely pendant and would remind me of her.

  73. I like the Queen Annes Lace and Cherry Red Verbena Square Pendant but they are all beautiul!

  74. Thanks for the site. I bought some of her rings for my sons to give to their girlfriends at christmas.

  75. I would love the chance to win, thanks.

  76. kathryn sherwood

    blushing at all the lovely comments left. If you don’t win please still come back and visit my site. πŸ™‚

  77. Yvonne Butler

    I would buy the Glass Pendant Real Flowers, Summertime Cardinal with the black cord. I t is unique and beautiful. Thank you sor letting me enter.

  78. I would buy the Butter Soft Yellow Wild Rose. Round Glass Pendant. So lovely. Its soft, and romantic, yet very unique.

  79. So hard to decide! I already own several of Kathryn’s pieces and they are too beautiful for words! I’m thinking the 11/2″ bright brilliant orange red square flower pendant would be quite happy around my neck though…

  80. What a nice interview! It’s always fun to learn about the artist behind the beautiful work she creates. I had a mighty hard time picking a favorite because all her designs are truly unique and so exquisite, but the Bishops Weed and Hydrangea Petal Pendant really caught my eye, it is so, so pretty! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  81. I am subscribed to your feed.

  82. I Twittered! Here’s the link:

  83. Posted a nice write up on facebook. My username there is Joanna Smith and here is the link:

  84. Beverley Justice

    Vignette of Summer Pink flowers. 2 inch round with flowers behind.

  85. wow-how inspiring and beautiful

  86. I would get the Definitely Botanical pendant!

  87. So cool! I would get the “Osteospermum” ~Door pull/knob.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  88. I would get the Vibrant Deep Purple Larkspur Pendant!

  89. I would chose this piece, I just luv it >> Passion Pink Daisy. 2 Inch Square Glass Pendant/Necklace. Free Gift Wrapping


  90. I just subscribed! electricisland(at)

  91. I love the Purple and More Purple. Square Glass Pendant with Flowers behind the glass. Fab.

  92. Beautiful~I would choose the Lupine and Lilac Rectangle Glass Pendant!

  93. I’d get Purple and More Purple. Square Glass Pendant with Flowers behind the glass. 2 inch square.

  94. The Butter Soft Yellow Wild Rose. Round Glass pendant would be my first pick. Nice! Thank you.

  95. I would get the Sweet Daisy with Petunia petal behind. Simply gorgeous!

  96. I like the Love in a Mist pendant/necklace.

  97. Kathryn’s work is absolutely beautiful! My favorites are the “Give a Forever Bouquet” (top left one) and the Sweet Daisy with Petunia petal. Just gorgeous!

  98. The Blue Utra Violet Square Pendant is gorgeous!!!!

  99. I would choose the Glass Pendant w/ real flowers May day is here.
    THANKS for the giveaway.

  100. subscribe to your feed.

  101. Jennifer gersch

    Forever Bouquet of Flowers Pendants

  102. I would buy Love in a Mist pendant/necklace..

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  103. I would get the Sky Blue Forget Me Not pendant – so pretty!

  104. Vignette of Yellows, Blues, and Hues in between. Jumbo 2.3 inch round glass with real flowers behind. Pendant/Necklace. Stunning.

  105. Veronica Garrett

    I would buy the Queen Annes Lace and Cherry Red Verbena Square Pendant.

  106. I’d purchase the Helebores earrings. I love the color.

  107. I love the Deep Ocean Indigo-Purple Blue Verbena Rectangle Pendant. Real Flowers!

  108. I subscribed to your feed.

  109. id get the Forget Me Nots and Daisies. Rectangle glass pendant/necklace with real flowers behind the glass
    Forget Me Nots and Daisies. Rectangle glass pendant/necklace with real flowers behind the glass

  110. I would but the Four Leaf Clover square glass pendant. Thanks.

  111. My favorite pendant is the Never ending Flowers in the Round I would like to own one.

  112. Subscribe 2 your feed

  113. I love the Sky blue Forget- Me- Not. Rectangle Pentant/Necklace.. absolutely beautiful πŸ™‚

  114. I love the JUMBO Kaleidoscope of Color 2.3 inches Glass round pendant/necklace because it’s so colorful!

  115. I really like the Recatangle glass pendant with peachy apricot colored real flowers. Love it!

  116. I heart the Forever Bouquet of Flowers Pendants:)

  117. Vignette of Yellows, Blues, and Hues in between. Jumbo 2.3 inch round glass with real flowers behind. Pendant/Necklace. Stunning.

  118. Marcy Strahan

    I love the square pendants!

    My favorite is the Four Leaf Clover!

  119. Marcy Strahan

    I subscribe!

  120. I love the Forever Bouquet of Flowers Pendant!

  121. I like the Lilac Blossoms and Bishops Weed pendant.

  122. I am a subscriber.

  123. Mary q Contrarie

    This is very interesting. I am just a beginner and found lots of tips for drying flowers on the web. So with summer here I am beginning to create! It is so much fun combining gardening and art.

  124. I wanted to thank you for this nice post. I absolutely liked every little part of it. I have you bookmarked and will be checking back.

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