Inspiration Wednesday – Gnome Again, Gnome Again

It is garden week here at The Handmade Experiment! Just in case you haven’t been following, make sure to check out Monday’s Must Have Garden Gear post for handmade items and tutorials. And don’t miss yesterday’s Botanical Creations – Artist Interview and Jewelry Giveaway post where we got to see Kathryn Sherwood’s gorgeous faerie and children’s gardens. Enchanting!

I had her gardens in mind as I scoured for just the right piece of inspiration to share on this Inspiration Wednesday. Looking high and low, imagine my surprise when suddenly I stumbled over one of these little guys. Next thing I knew they were popping out at me from all over the place. They may seem similar, but each one is as unique as they are recognizable. True icons! How was I to choose the best one?!?

After much hmmming and haawing, I’ve given up. So I’m calling on you, helpful reader, to choose the Gnumber 1 Gnome. The winner will get the joy of being Gnumber 1 and the rest will have to be happy just being gnominated. Just leave a comment telling me who your favorite is and on Friday, I’ll tally the votes and announce a winner. Make sure to check out the artist’s shops to see more great handmade items. Thanks for voting!


1. Dingogirl66’s Poppies and Gnome Pillow

2. Nikoart’s 2 Inch Light Gnome Rubber Stamp

3. Skribbly Kids’ Bill the Gnome in his Mushroom Garden Print

4. Barefoot Santas’ Hand Carved Miniature Gnome

5. Sarah Apple’s Block Print Gnome

6. Cutesypoo’s Spring Cone Gnome Plush

21 responses to “Inspiration Wednesday – Gnome Again, Gnome Again

  1. the pillow by Dingogirl wins my heart, and vote!!!

  2. I LOVE Dingogirl’s Gnome!!

  3. I like gnumber 1 best of all. 🙂

  4. I kinda like #5

  5. #2 the stamp is the best by far.

    minimal gnome rocks.

  6. Dingogirl’s gnome pillow is incredible, and gets my vote for sure! xoxo

  7. Seriously? No one has voted for Cutesypoo’s gnome yet? It’s so Gnice! But then again I can totally see why you had trouble picking.

  8. Gnumero Uno, fer sher 🙂

  9. I love #1

  10. I love all the gnomes, but I have to go with Dingogirl’s Gnome pillow.

  11. Dingogirl wins my vote. I’ve loved her latest pillow too with shrooms, snails and platypuses! (platypi?)

  12. So although I love the pillow gnome (cute expression, awesome flowers!) what’s in his hand?! Yeah, too many questions there so I’m voting for the rubber stamp gnome. He’s super adorable and best of all, uber practical. Color him anything and you can use him for printing fabric and making a way cool pillow…….or lots of pillows!

  13. I LOVE the Gnome pillow! They are all adorable Gnomeys though:)

  14. I love all the gnomes but it has to be between Dingogirl66 Gnome pillow and Cutesypoos plush gnome.

  15. kathryn sherwood

    My vote goes to barefoot santa. Beautiful work of art.

  16. Poppies and Gnome Pillow is my fav, although they are all creative gnomes.

  17. Toughie! I was going to go for #1, but #6 is just too adorable.

  18. #6 is really cute, but I have to go with #1

  19. Thanks for throwing my guy into the ring!

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