How I spent my bloomer weekend


Hot Air Balloon Ride

carousel horse2

We went to the Rose Festival carnival on the waterfront on Saturday. PZ had such a great time. We had corn dogs and hubs tried his hand at the riffle game, but the bungee cord trampoline ride was PZ favorite. “Mama, I’m flying up to the sky!” She couldn’t decide if she was an astronaut or a circus performer.

There were several bbqs in our backyard this weekend. Kids on the trampoline, twirling rides on the hammock swing, yummy burgers and fresh picked veggies, a new oil cloth tablecloth, it was fun. And in between all that, I was sewing my fingers off. Three pairs of bloomers for my friend’s six month old, M, two pairs for Q and two pairs of shorts for PZ. Check out the Lizzy House ‘Red Letter Day‘ shorts!

bloomers for mabel

bloomers for Q

shorts for PZ

2 responses to “How I spent my bloomer weekend

  1. I like the shorts as well. Good Job. 🙂 Our girls are going to be the stylin’ this summer

    • emilyflippinmaruna

      thanks! I was going to use both of those fabrics for bloomers, but PZ wasn’t having it. 🙂

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