May Giveaway Day – Beginning Sewing


If you’ve been following along you’ll know all about the Handmade Experiment and how back in January I committed myself to making all the gifts I give this year. So far this has involved some baking and woodworking and a LOT of sewing. I had done a bit of sewing before – some pillows and the lining for a crocheted bag I made for a friend, but nothing like what I’ve done this year – tote bags, kid’s clothes, costumes, and even some plushies.

My hubs says he’s really proud of me. I’m proud of me, too! Sewing and creating for myself and friends and family is something that I’ve always wished I could do. I thought it would be so hard, but its not. My best piece of advice: start out simple. Sure you want to made retro swing dresses that fit you perfectly, but why not start with a cute tote or wrap skirt? One success will give you the confidence to move on the the next project and the next. Before you know it, your friends will be asking you to sew stuff for them!

For those who are letting their lack of a machine get in the way, check out your local fabric stores and crafty shops. You might find that there are sewing machines you can rent or a space you can go to work on your project. If you live in Portland or the surrounding area, check out DIY Alert! for a map of crafty spots around town and lists of classes.

Okay, so you might have picked up I’m big on promoting handmade. To prove I’m not all talk and to be a part of the May Giveaway Day spectacular that Sew, Mama, Sew! is throwing, The Handmade Experiment is reaching out to those sewing beginners and wish-I-coulders with an awesome sewing supplies giveaway from two great Portland designers!

First you’ll need a project! How about a super cute bag or wallet? Perfect for beginners, Michelle’s Keyka Lou patterns are made to be sewn in 1 to 3 hours. Her patterns are short PDFs (6 – 13 pages), and are written with concise, clear instructions so that sewing can be fun instead of frustrating. If you ever do have any questions, her blog will probably have the answers. Plus she offers help through email and conversations.

Once you’ve got the pattern down, you can even sell products using the pattern! This isn’t industry standard (most patterns are for personal use only!), but all Michelle asks is that you let it be known you used a Keyka Lou pattern for your wonderful handmade item. Starting to feel like you can do this, yet?


Next you’ll need some fabric. Lizzy House‘s Red Letter Day collection is bordering on insanely cute. I just made PZ some shorts out of her Ducks in a Row Galosh fabric. Look for it at your local fabric store and if they don’t have it, ask them to get it! You could also check it out at one of these online fabric shops – Sew, Mama, Sew!, eQuilter, or A Fabric Outlet. If you’re in Portland, our own Cool Cottons has it!

6a00d8341c719553ef01156f5ec6b5970c-800wi(from the pic top to bottom)

Ducks in a Row
Pearl Bracelet
Ugly Duckling
Walk in the Woods

and the color ways:

What You Win

1 Keyka Lou pattern (she has a section of her shop called beginner patterns, but the winner can choose any pattern they want)

2 yards of Lizzy House fabric from her ‘Red Letter Day’ collection. 1 yard of two different patterns. I’m still communicating with Lizzy on which ones we’ll have.

How To Win

Leave a comment. Nothing complicated about that! Winner will be chosen at random using

Not a beginner, but you’d still like a chance to win? Tell us about your first sewing project or about what motivates your sewing. I love pictures!

Want additional chances to win? Tweet about the giveaway, subscribe to the blog or let me know you’re already a subscriber, post about it on Facebook or one of the other social networking sites, make a link back from your own blog – in other words help spread the news! For each bit of promotion you do, tell me about it in a separate comment.

Comments close on May 31st, midnight PST and the winner will be announced on Monday, June 1st. I’ll ship internationally, so everybody join in on the fun! Don’t forget to leave me some way of getting a hold of you! Get sewing!!

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466 responses to “May Giveaway Day – Beginning Sewing

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  2. i really want to learn to sew… really really πŸ™‚ eventually, i want to learn how to make burlesque style costumes… i think i may need to work up to that πŸ™‚

  3. The first thing I ever made was a pair of basic shorts for my firstborn. They were a complete disaster! I couldn’t get my head around the instructions and they ended up with a weird pouchy bit where the back should have been! Needless to say I’ve sewn quite a few very nice pairs of shorts since then πŸ™‚

    Thanks πŸ˜€

  4. a pattern & fabric?! sounds great. count me in.

    The first thing I remember sewing was a small sling bag when I was 13 or so. I promptly lost it, of course.

  5. You certainly have a great eye for awesome fabrics! Thanks for the chance!

  6. ooh, i love that pattern AND that fabric!

  7. Nancy Flippin

    I was a DIY’er when my girls were young. I made clothing for them and even costumes (usually “last moment” costumes!)
    I just received a large tote bag (made to my specifications!) from Emily for Mother’s Day. Wow!
    So, I’m thinking that the making gifts idea is something I want to which I want to commit.
    Thank you for the great ideas!

  8. I’m still a sewing newbie, my first sewing project was a baby quilt. I used a kit because the fabric choices were to overwhelming. It came out ok.. but I’ve definitely improved my skills in the past six months.

  9. I subscribed!

  10. Awesome idea for a giveaway and thanks for thinking of us beginners!

  11. What a lovely giveaway. The first thing I made was a quilt for a friend moving away in high school. Well, my mom made a lot of it, and I helped. But it made me want to sew more…and I have.

    I’m doing a giveaway as well and hosting a fabric swap. Come and check it out πŸ™‚

  12. want!

    the first thing i ever made were clothes for my barbie dolls!

  13. The first thing I ever made was a stuffed owl for my daughter. It’s still one of my favorite things.

    Thank you for the opportunity!


  14. That business card wallet pictured in your post is so cute – I totally want to make it!

  15. I have been sewing since I was young, but it wasn’t until I was thirteen or so that I began working on real projects. For my first one, I’d wanted to make this summer dress. Now, I realize that it was just hideous. It was very long and the only shaping was from a huge bow that tied in back. I chose a pale yellow calico fabric with tiny little flowers, not a good scale or color. It was not my finest hour of design, but you know, I learned how to use a pattern, sew a zipper, and hem a skirt. And that was the beginning of a whole new world of sewing for me.

  16. My first sewing project was a quilt! I took a cd case and traced a bunch of rectangles and just went crazy πŸ™‚

  17. My very first sewing project was a quilt block (when I was 8). I chose that pattern from a book, cut out all the pieces “exactly” the right size. I sewed it by hand and ironed all the seems by myself. My mom framed it, crazy wonky edges and all, and it still hangs in her house. It doesn’t match anything else she has, it’s bright green and red ginghams!

  18. Great giveaway! Right now I am motivated to sew by my new baby girl. So many cute things to make for babies…

  19. Um, this might have mad my day. I’m just learning to sew on my machine. I haven’t tried to follow a pattern yet, but this looks like the place to start! Thanks for setting this up!

  20. I subscribed!

  21. What a generous giveaway! I took the general sewing class in 7th grade, but was awful. I recently gravitated towards sewing again after years and am working my way up to being good.

    Right now I’m so-so. πŸ™‚

  22. i love the pattern and the fabric is awesome!

  23. How very fun! I LOVE the experiment you’re doing. I think it’s brilliant!!

  24. Katie Burke

    A drawstring bag . . . my mom helped me. πŸ™‚ It was purple, which was THE color in 6th grade!

  25. My mother taught me to sew as a young teenager. I am not sure what my first project was, but I vividly remember a wrap dress in a red kerchief fabric. It wasn’t my first project, but was the hardest thing I made up to that point. I dropped sewing for several years and am just recently trying to take it back up. I love handmade gifts! Though I don’t do it all of the time, I try to make gifts more often than not. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  26. Great giveaway!

  27. I didn’t sew much until I had my first baby. Four girls later and I sew everyday now. I make all of their dresses and lots of other things.

  28. Great giveaway! My first sewing project was when I was 8 years old. It was a 4-H project: a lovely blue flowered 3 tiered skirt and ruffled shawl. My daughter still plays dress-up with the shawl, 30-some years later!

  29. The first thing I ever made was a flannel, tied blanket. Now I love sewing and creating things for my home and for others!

  30. I just subscribed to your blog, too! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. i am a novice sewer. i hand stitch because i have no machine. i have only made a few things, but i love the japanese knot bag. sorry can’t remember the link.

  32. newhomemade

    I have started to sew, but am still a beginner. This stuff looks awesome.

  33. Sounds like a great starting project for a beginner, aka Me!

  34. Learning to sew is my project/goal for the summer. We are moving to Portland, and I will be spending the summer exploring the city and my new craft. Thanks for organizing this give-away!

  35. Love this! I just went to Cool Cottons for the first time a couple weeks ago. That place is a danger zone! I love it! I’ve just started a project for little elastic waste pants for my baby girl and now my 3 year old boy wants a pair. So – we’ll have to go pick out some cute “boy” prints and see what we come up with.

  36. oh wow. what a fantastic offer! LOVE that red letter day, it’s just gorgeous!
    my mom taught me to sew when i was a little girl, about 6 or 7. i remember learning to use the foot pedal and being so excited! thankyou!!

  37. This is perfect! My goal this summer is to learn to sew and this would be an awesome way to start! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  38. I’m totally the kind of person that you are referring to in your post. I would love to win and improve my sewing. Red Letter Day fabrics are awesome!

  39. I’m not so new to sewing, but haven’t ventured too far. I’m trying to choose projects that have a new challenge each time.

  40. My first sewing project is actually a small simple cross-stitch. I love doing cross-stitch so much that I made lots of them. And years later, I realised maybe I should incorporate them into bags and cushion cover etc, and that start my journey on the sewing machine. πŸ™‚

  41. The first thing I sewed was a little hand stitched pouch made from purple velvet when I was about 7 years old. I remember sitting there stitching the sides up…and sewing it to my finger. I managed to sew through the fabric and the little callous that comes up next to your fingernail. I also sewed some beads on the front for decorations. I was very proud of that little pouch as I did the whole thing myself with no help or guidence from anyone else. I wish I still had it…

  42. My first sewing project was a black quilt (I was a bit goth in my high school days). I had no idea what I was doing, I just cut & sewed…

  43. My very first sewing project was a pillow case. πŸ™‚ Love your giveaway items. Thanks!

  44. Awesome giveaway, and awesome blog! I’ll definitely be checking back in to see what you’re up to in the future! I’m not an absolute beginner, but I’m still pretty rough around the edges so one of those tutorials would be a great project to tackle!

  45. My first sewing project was a sheep sheet–that is, a little jacket for–you guessed it–a sheep (to keep it clean before a show). I was 9.

    It went so badly that I didn’t sew another thing for 15 years!

  46. skippedydoodah

    Great stuff! I’ve just started sewing clothes for my little boy and loving it! I bought some cool polka dot fabric for a dress for me but am too scared to start…..

    Thanks! Jo.

  47. I learned to sew back when I was in 4-H. Now I’m dusting off the machine to make some things for my kids. My first sewing project was doll clothing for my My Friend Mandy doll — I think I still have the patterns somewhere!

  48. Gorgeous fabric! My first few projects were Amy Butler skirts… super-easy and definitely satisfying πŸ™‚

  49. I took a sewing class when I was 11 and one of my very first projects was a peasant blouse and culottes made out of neon pigs on skateboards fabric. It was chic.

  50. I love sewing. My grandmothers both taught me to sew. Mom and I worked together on my wedding dress, so it’s always been in my life.

    One of my first projects was a blanket for my Chatty Cathy doll (yes that ages me). I still have it somewhere as my cat liked it better than the doll did.

    Thank you for entering me in your drawing.

  51. I am a subscriber!

  52. My first sewing project was a couple of tops for my dolls – I was so young. I made up the pattern (they were sleeveless) and used my mom’s trims. I learned to use her treadle by watching her sew. I made all my clothes in high school and my mom remembers that when anything came up in school (a dance) I always made something new.

  53. I like to sew and craft, but my to make someday list is bigger than my things i’ve made list. It might help if we could stop moving every 9 months or so!

  54. I didn’t know about Keyka Lou-patterns before, but I think they look very nice, and the fabric… I love the ducks πŸ˜€

  55. I’m still pretty new to quilting, but I joined an online quilt-a-long over at
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. I just started learning to sew back in January my first project was in a quilting class we made an Origami bag which I have pics of on my blog

  57. My first big project was a quilt for a senior high school project. I was overambitious and chose some complicated pattern at first (the scraps are still in a bag somewhere in my mom’s house), but ended up switching to a simple 9-patch Irish Chain with a friend. I’d haul my machine over to her house and we’d sit, gabbing and sewing (ok, and cursing when the tension was messed up) until we were done.

  58. Great idea for a giveaway! I’m definitely a newbie – just got my first machine! A beginners pattern and some adorable fabric would be perfect!

  59. this is me! i’m a beginner!! my beginner books just came in the mail today! yay!!

  60. I’ve been sewing for over a year, but I do it so sporadically that it’s like I’m a beginner each time! Those fabrics are beautiful! And I love that pattern!

    Thanks for the giveaway! You can reach me at

  61. My first sewing project was a skirt. I made it in 6th grade HOME EC. class. The fabric bright yellow with navy blue sailboats. I worked really hard on it but had a bit of trouble with the zipper and the waistband. It must have been meaningful because I can recall the fabric, the zipper, and my thrill to making a skirt. I do like the sound of sewing machines humming to this day.

  62. Not really a beginner, as I used to smock and make dresses for my little ones. But, I’m a beginning quilter πŸ™‚

  63. aSprinkling

    I would definitely consider myself a beginner. I’m able to finish anything I start, but they don’t necessarily finish the way I would like…but I’m figuring things out.

  64. Oh, I am such a beginner – this would be amazing!

  65. Thanks – what a fun giveaway!

  66. Your post is quite encouraging! I am a beginner and I am so drowning in this whole thing! LOL! I am excited to learn, though! And…I agree about the handmade…I love crafting…I’m just new to sewing and knitting!

  67. I love the Lizzy Duck fabric and would make some summer dresses for my little girls with it. I hope I win, thanks!

  68. This giveaway is everything I love! I have been eyeing that pattern and just ordered some of the red letter day to make PJ bottoms for my girls. It is my favorite new collection. Thanks so much!

  69. Wow! great giveaway and the supplies would be awesome! I’m not a total beginner, but I have never used a pattern, either πŸ™‚

  70. I’m not new to sewing so I will answer what motivates me. I love handmade gifts the most. The fact that while making it you think of the person you are giving it to and then you know that they think of you when they use it or look at it. All around it spreads a little more beauty and art into the world and certainly a little more love.

  71. I’d love to enter! I’m a beginner – I’ve done a little bit of patchwork and a couple of easy drawstring bags, but I’ve never sewn a garment or anything else that’s complicated.

  72. Wonderful giveaway! I’ve only used a couple patterns (I usually wing it, sometimes good, sometimes bad!). I do love the card wallet pattern though!

  73. What a fabulous giveaway! I am a beginner and it would be great to have this pattern and some gorgeous fabrics to inspire me.
    Thanks a lot!

  74. I’m still a sewing beginner. I’ve done two projects (with some assistance), a tote bag and a baby bib. I’m eager to take on clothes now… particularly a tiered skirt.

  75. Oh wow, these giveaways keep getting better and better. I am so jealous of my super-sewer mommy friends, but I’m not good. Really not. So, I need some major help. AND, I’ll be in Portland this summer! So, I’m going to check out the shop and see if I can find some fun fabrics,

  76. This is a fun one. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  77. I am an absolute sewing beginner, but am feeling really inspired by all the amazing craft blogs! Those fabrics are beautiful (I seem to be rawn to fabric with any kind of birds on – is that weird?)

  78. Well, it seems necessity often motivates my sewing. I haven’t done as much sewing lately because I’ve been knitting. But I’ve decided that I need a bag for my knitting and what better way than to sew one. I love the wallet pattern and the fabric in the giveaway are adorable.

  79. Thanks for offereing this giveaway!

  80. The first thing I remember sewing was a lime green skirt with topstitching in 8th grade home ec. I remember the teacher liked it so much she put it on display even though it was not yet hemmed. That was the last I saw of it, sadly! I still wonder what happened to that skirt.

  81. Pick me, pick me!

  82. I am a beginner since I just got myself a machine this year…so this would be perfect. Thanks for participating the this giveaway…it’s great!!

  83. It would have been something in craft class at secondary school (12+) but I can’t remember what. I have probably blocked it out of mind deliberately πŸ˜‰

  84. I’m a sewer already, although I haven’t done much sewing in recent years. My first project was a wrap skirt around 1980, when I was a teenager. I just jumped in and made it! I’d love to win a pattern and some fabric, and I love the fact that the designer allows use of her patterns to make items to sell!

  85. thanks for the chance at a great giveaway. i had no idea this thing would be so big! love it.

  86. Facebook too!

  87. count me in!

  88. My first sewing project was a quilt I made to take with me to summer camp. My mom helped quite a bit!!!

  89. I’ve been sewing longer than I can remember, it was kind of required in my family. So, of course, I hated it and resisted for as long as I could. Or insisted on doing things my own way, usually the “wrong” way, but it worked for me!

    I think the very first thing I sewed for myself that I really loved making was a little brown purse that I also embroidered. I must have been 15 or so.

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway, and good luck with the Experiment!

  90. I love Lizzy House fabric! Thanks for participating!

  91. I love that pattern and the fabric is amazing! I have never made a wallet, I think that would be a great first project!

  92. Super cute pattern and fabric!!

  93. My first sewing project was probably a pillow, a long long time ago! Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. My first sewing project was a witch costume for halloween. It did not go well. πŸ˜›

    And I am a follower!

  95. my first project was a skirt and matching vest…it was hard (I was a kid) and by the time I was finished with the vest, the skirt no longer fit!

    I’m faster now!

    I LOVE this fabric too!

  96. WOW great prizes! I am a sort of beginner just joined my first Quilt along at old red barn- such fun . My first project was a ballet tutu for my daughter- dont ask!!

  97. Lovely giveaway! Thanks for a chance to win!

  98. The fabric is sooo cute. I am not that new to sewing, but I haven’t ever taken classes, so I would love an “easy” pattern.

  99. I love sewing! It gives me such a sense of satisfaction that I created something with my own 2 hands!

  100. I think doll clothes were my first.

  101. The first thing I remember sewing was doll clothes from my grandmothers scraps. I stitched them by hand and thought they were so cool.

  102. I learned to sew on a machine that belonged to a girlfriend in college who also taught me how so I could make quilts for my parents and in-laws as thank-you’s for our wedding. I’ve been addicted ever since and received a machine as a wedding gift from that same friend. She started a phenomenon.

  103. oh i love lizzy house fabric! the first project i remember sewing was a pincushion for my mom when i was about 8. just replaced it last spring 33 years later. fun.

  104. Love the giveaways…especially that fabric! Thanks.

  105. What motivates me to sew? My twin girls. They are just over one and I know that my time for making them insanely cute clothes is limited.

  106. I’ve been sewing for years (I started with elastic-waist Barbie skirts on my mom’s machine!) but one of the reasons I love sewing is that there are so many things to be made…so we can all be “beginners” on new techniques etc.!

  107. Wow, thanks for the chance to enter! =)

  108. Pattern and fabric… what more could I need! Especially when it is Lizzy’s fabric. I can’t remember what my first sewing project was, maybe Barbie Clothes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  109. The first project I ever sewed was an Aladdin costume for my little brother. He was 3 and I was 9.

  110. How cool is this! I’m a beginner BUT-I’ve made some stuff with my mom’s help. I made a tote bag and a really simple teacher-apron. πŸ™‚

  111. I love the card holder AND the fabrics!

  112. Hello fellow PDXer!
    What a generous giveaway– lovely stuff : )

    secretcake (at) yahoo (dot) com

  113. I would LOVE the oppotunity to try this!! yeay beautiful fabric and cute patterns! I think my first sewing project was clothes for my mandy doll… then scrunchies for a school entrepeneur project in elementary school.

  114. my first sewing project (a couple of years ago) was making a dragon costume for my daughter using martha stewarts guidance. it was awesome and i was hooked!! thanks for the opportunity! those fabrics are delicious!!

  115. I suppose my first sewing project was a drawstring “overnight bag” when I was 6! My mom taught me to sew when I was younger but I have only really started sewing as an adult over the last year.

  116. Thanks for the giveaway!
    jmhamlin826 AT yahoo DOT com

  117. Awesome giveaway, especially for a beginner like me!

  118. Great give-away. Probably my first sewing experience was making clothes for my Barbies. They had a pretty sad wardrobe but at least it was handmade.

  119. My first sewing project was a smock-like top in eighth grade. Thanks for the chance to win!

  120. I really like Keyka Lou’s pattern for room shoes! I like to sew because I can never find just the right thing. I usually find something I like that I want in a different fabric or a fabric I like that is in the wrong style. I learned to sew because things just never fit properly either. The first things I ever sewed were the hems on all my pants!

  121. Amy Godinez

    I started sewing again as an adult because I wanted to make my dd diapers and now i cant stop. Beautiful fabric inspires me to make different projects.

  122. Awesome giveaway! What keeps me sewing is that it is so relaxing and rewarding, especially sewing for children. I can’t say I would have kept going if I was only sewing for myself, but sewing for kids is so fun!

  123. Mostly I am a knitter, but I’m also a quilter (and truth be told, I learned to sew before I learned to knit, but only barely). My first project, for real (and not just practice) was in 7th grade home economics. God bless Mrs Cox, as that woman taught me well the fine art of sewing clothes and having my items look beautiful inside and out. I made myself a canvas bag with ducks painted on the front, and a drop waist jumper dress (with teddy bear fabric, heaven help me) which I still actually have- but who knows why. I don’t even have a daughter!

    One thing that I find challenging, but also that I love, is that boys are a little more difficult to make handmade gifts for. But I think the challenge is awesome, because sometimes I come up with the best ideas EVER and then I’m glad I stuck with it. I did a lot of handmade items for my boys for Christmas (and they are 14, 13, and 11 years old, so it wasn’t easy). Anyway, I love the handmade experiment! I’ve done quite a lot of that, myself.

    thanks for the chance to win… leafygreenes at gmail dot com

  124. Great pattern! Great fabric! Great BLOG! I’ve seen you around, don’t know why I haven’t visited before, but I will be visiting you again!! I decided to make my child a cinderella costume one day…then I eventually learned how to SEW!! πŸ™‚ Have a great giveaway day!

  125. My first sewing project was a reversible flannel coat for my daughter. It was less complicated than it sounds.

  126. I’m just starting to sew. My first project was a nursing cover for my SIL.

  127. I’ve been sewing since I was three years old, and I remember making finger puppets all the time. So fun!

  128. kirsten joy

    count me in !

  129. I am finally attempting a dress for my two year old. I can do a simple quilt, but I’ve never tried clothes.

  130. I’m a beginner and I’m thrilled to have found your site. It looks full of knowledge and inspiration.

  131. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! My first project was a applique-ing a jacket to give it a makeover πŸ™‚

  132. Great giveaway items, my first project was a pillowcase in my VERY young days.

  133. There are some gorgeous things in this giveaway (love the ducks in a row fabric)

    Please count me in, Thanks! Cherry

  134. Wewt! I’m sortof a beginner, I guess. I have made a few things before, but I still have a ton to learn. I do ok if it’s not clothes, those always come out really weird. πŸ˜›

  135. my first sewing project was a girraf softie when i was 11 years old! and i still have it!

  136. My sewing is motivated by the feeling of being able to give the people I love a handmade gift. The awesome fabric available (including Red Letter Day) keep me so excited about the NEXT project. My blog has lots of photos of my recent projects.

  137. LOVE these fabrics – can’t wait to get my hands on them!!! and that wallet is adorable! i’ve never attempted a wallet before. my first sewing project – which was just last year – was a pair of cloth baby shoes – and they didn’t turn out too bad, amazingly. my 3rd sewing project, however – a pair of pants for my baby girls – were a disaster, and ended up getting turned into a skirt b/c i could not salvage the fabric any other way!!

  138. so cute, and what a great idea to get info about local designers out there!

    i’m a total beginning at everything but quilting, but at quilting I am fairly advanced. I’ve never actually done any sewing besides piecing quilts. although i have my dreams for some day… i love to piece quilts, though, and so i really have no need for inspiration to progress πŸ™‚

  139. I’m just learning to sew and having a blast! I’ve been knitting for years, but you sure can’t beat the fun of fabric and quick projects. πŸ™‚

  140. Oh. I really like your blog. I’ll be coming back after all this crazy OH MY GAAAA I MIGHT GET SOMETHING FREE business that I’m currently up in arms about. Love your giveaway too–so fun.

  141. My first sewing project — well, the one I remember as first:) — was an A-line sleeveless dress for summer made out of navy blue dotted swiss fabric when I was eight years old (many, many years ago now:). I’ll never forget that dress or how grown-up I felt wearing it. πŸ™‚


  142. thanks for the giveaway! i can always use more stuff!

  143. My first project was a tea towel tote bag – lots of fun, and so satisfying at the end of it!

  144. i would LOVE to win this giveaway! took sewing in 10th grade but didn’t really get the hang of it and have been afraid to try again ever since. your blog inspires me to give it another shot!

  145. i just tweeted about it here! wanna win a beginner sewing giveaway?!

  146. Totally a beginner, but I did tackle a curtain or two so far!

  147. And I subscribed via Bloglines!

  148. thanks for the great giveaway! i remember back in jr high one of my first projects adding lepord fuzzy fur to a pair of pants i bought at goodwill…. yeeeah, thankfully we have grown out of that trend!

  149. My first project was an apron in sewing class with an appliqued duck on it – I managed to put two holes through the fabric and had to strategically cover them with the duck. I don’t think I’ve appliqued since.

  150. what a cool cool giveaway! that fabric IS insanely cute.

  151. I have several of Keyka Lou’s patterns and was really impressed with her clear instructions. Thanks for offering a pattern AND the lovely fabric.

  152. I’ve been sewing for a couple of years, and my first project was a fleece pillow cover. It turned out pretty well, and my son sleeps on it nightly.

  153. Oh how fun! I’ve been eyeing the Keyka Lou patterns for some time now!

  154. I’d love to try these out!


  155. what a great giveaway!

  156. Amy Rose Graham

    I would LOVE to begin sewing!! I have all these projects in my head, but no sewing equipment. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  157. Not a newbie, but those fabrics are too hard to resist! My first time at a sewing machine was when I first started quilting, and my sewing has been growing ever since!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  158. awesome giveaways!!!

    my first sewing is quilt pillow from my friend teach me before I start myself sewing quilt blanket.. I wish I take a picture of it ! dumb me! then more and more sewing things, kids, clothes, and more but I still need to learn more are right match thread to cotton fabric. you know..

    thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚

  159. Just getting started sewing. I did a handmade Christmas and it was wonderful!

  160. Fantastic giveaway. Hope I win, very generous of you

  161. missknitta

    Adorable! Thanks so much for participating πŸ™‚

  162. Wow! Great giveaway. I am sort of new to sewing and this past Christmas managed to make all of my gifts…simple dolls, ornaments etc…

  163. I’m a kinda-beginner, I’ve been sewing since late last Fall, and I had to laugh about your retro swing dress comment! That was me when I started out, but I am having so much fun with simple bags and skirts!

  164. And I posted a link on Facebook!

  165. Wonderful, this looks like a fun project and the fabric is beautiful!

  166. Great blog I look forward to reading more from you!

  167. This looks great – would love to try.

  168. great giveaway! i am a sewing newbie, looking for easy patterns!

  169. Nice prizes – thank you for the chance to win!!

  170. alittlebitofsugar

    This must be fate – I’ve just done a post on the new lizzy House fabric and how much I love it. The first thing I ever made was a set of bibs as a present for a friend.

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway!


  171. I think the fabric jumped right across the line into insanely cute! Looks like toddler pants to me!

    Thanks for participating! It’s lovely.

  172. chrisandmissy

    I made clothes for Kelly, Barbie’s baby sister, when I was 10 or so. I sewed them at first and then, (blush), hot glued them because it was quicker…

  173. What a generous giveaway. Thank you!

  174. oooh! pretty fabrics! πŸ™‚

  175. Hi! thanks for sharing.

  176. What motivates me to sew is the joy I get when seeing my creations be used or worn. I just love it when I see a little outfit on one of my boys!

  177. Great give away. My first sewing project was an orange poncho I made for 4-H when I was about 8 or 9

  178. Oh love the fabric and the pattern is too cute. Sign me up. Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

  179. my mom was always sewing when i was younger. I started sewing because I can never find the clothes I want and nothing fits right, so now I make what I want. Flickr is a great place to go for inspiration.


  180. Love the Lizzie House fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win – I love making stuff for my kiddos.

  181. I’m not a beginner anymore but I clearly remember the first time I sewed something that I LOVED – it was a sweet blouse made with soft flowery fabric. Sewing has become a life-long source of joy and pride. That Lizzy House fabric is wonderful.

  182. Cute! My first sewing project was a little bear, from a kit, when I was 6.

  183. I’m in LOVE with that fabric! Maybe the local quilt shop has it…maybe! I hope! Great give away- count me in!

  184. my first sewing project was a purse and few weekends ago, and what motivates me is a strong urge to DIY everything i can. sticking it to the man and all (or at least i am in my head lol)

  185. I am working really hard to teach myself to sew πŸ™‚

  186. I’ve been sewing on and off since I was a little girl. I love the work and brain power it involves and then the feel of accomplishment when I finish a project. I feel like it’s a skill that is slowly being lost, so I am happy to keep it going!

  187. I made a whole wardrobe of outfits for tiny fashion dolls out of two packages of bias tape I bought when I was eight years old.

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway.

  188. Count me in! I’ve been dabbling in sewing for about a year but am really still in the beginner stages.

  189. I’ve been sewing since high school, when I would take skirts I loved and make new skirts just by tracing the outline of the skirt onto new fabric. Never one to choose beginner projects as a beginner, I embarked on a dress from a pattern right after that – which failed miserably but I still wore to my birthday party that night.

  190. Also, I am subscribing to this blog!

  191. I would love to make this my second sewing project, I need all the practice I can get and with beautiful fabrics and a cute pattern, sign me up! thanks for the chance to win!!

  192. My first sewing project was a tie for my stuffed gorilla. The next one was a tutu for my stuffed hippo, but she didn’t like it very much and only wore it for a few days. I think the gorilla is still wearing his tie.

  193. my first project when i was 10 was a flower stem costume (large green tube!) that went with a wire coat hanger and tissue paper head piece.


    jzuchows at princeton dot edu

  194. I’m about as beginner as they get – after YEARS of being intimidated by using a sewing machine, yesterday I finally dug out the 1975 Sears Kenmore someone gave me, read the manual (and re-read it, and re-read it over and over) – and stitched up a pair of ruffled capris for my daughter. Took me until the wee hours, but I was so proud I kept them on my nightstand when I finally crawled into bed.
    I was so happy to read your article, it made me feel proud and want to go sew that wrap skirt and tote right away!
    Thanks for offering the beautiful fabrics and awesome pattern! ❀

  195. Ooh, I love Keyka Lou’s patterns! Just haven’t had the funds to buy one yet.. I just drool over them πŸ˜€

  196. After my first project (nursing cover to use with my 2nd daughter), I caught the bug and want to learn to do more! I’d love to be able to make bags, since I kinda have an obsession…Lol.

  197. I love give-a-ways. πŸ˜€

  198. I love the pattern & the fabric is really fabulous! Thanks for a great giveaway! I love the blog too – totally inspirational!

  199. What a lovely giveaway! I can’t remember what my first sewing project was – I started sewing as a very little girl (about 7, I think, or even younger). It was probably a small doll, or a pencil case. Or maybe it was just embroidery. Hmm, it was a long time ago!

  200. I think the Handmade Experiment is a fantastic idea. I’ve subscribed to your blog and hope to see more about it!

  201. The first thing I ever made was a stuffed animal (or a blob really), and I didnt know that you were supposed to turn it inside while sewing. I actually remember when I made that discovery, and suddenly understood why other things looked so much nicer than mine. I was probably 7. πŸ™‚

  202. I’ve been sewing since last August and now I’m addicted. I started with quilts and now I’m trying clothing and bags and such. It’s a lot of fun. I love your giveaway items. I hope I win.

  203. I’m a mid-level sewer who just this year decided to make most o fmy daughter’s summer wardrobe. If I get brave, I might go for the winter one too (but that would require my learning to play with knits).

    As far as my first project, it was a sweet little four-patch table runner in realy pretty yellows and blues that I made the fabric store lady help me pick out because I was too much of a weenie to do it alone. πŸ™‚

    I’d love to win your giveaway. I’m at msfineprint @ gmail dot com

  204. Sounds like a great prize! The first thing i made was an apron in primary school

  205. Thank you so much for this great giveaway. I am most definitely a beginner so any patterns to practice with are more than helpful!

  206. So fun! I would love to win this awesome prize!

  207. I love LIZZY HOUSE!! I’ve been really into quilted placemats for gifts lately. So pretty! I’ll blog about them after the 11th and the 19th (when I give them to their respective recipients) at smalltowngal13(dot)blogspot(dot)com

  208. I just posted about this giveaway one facebook. I don’t know if any of my friends sew, but if they do, they will probably stop by πŸ™‚

  209. I also just twittered about it…@kristinamarina πŸ™‚

  210. Annnnnd I learned to sew in 7th grade, but didn’t get a sewing machine until last year (over 10 years later!!) after graduating from college. Now I am working on my very first quilt, which is my first “real” project not done in a sewing class. Yayy!

  211. And I am going to blog about this as well. I am actually really loving the giveaway idea, in case you can’t tell πŸ˜€

  212. I’m not a beginner sewer but am self-taught and have yet to try making a bag or softie so if I was to win then perhaps that’d be what I’d attempt! Such beautiful fabric and some cute patterns too – thank you!

  213. I have been sewing lots of things lately… actually I should be sewing a bag right now! Have your seen this blog: I love it for inspiration!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Can’t wait to come back and see if I won πŸ™‚

  214. I’m not sure what my first sewing project was since it was eons ago, but I did just finish a purse for my grandma, half knit, half sewn. I think fabric usually drives my projects, but I have been known to get a great pattern and then look for the perfect fabric.

  215. Awesome!

  216. My first sewing project was a tote bag way back in seventh grade. My most complicated project so far was probably either the Amy Butler Betty Shopper bag or the shirt I just made. I enjoy sewing for my children and making gifts. It is so fun to see peoples’ faces when they realize you made something for them!

  217. Just recently started sewing and i actually do need a wallet!

  218. Oooh what a gorgeous and generous giveaway!! Please enter me into the draw.

  219. Please count me in! Thank you so much for your generosity! samjerus[at]

  220. LOVE the wallet – very cute! And the fabric is gorgeous too…I could make some cute stuff for my two boys with that! I pretty much taught myself to sew about 3 years ago & haven’t looked back since! Thanks for your give-away!!

  221. I don’t remember what my first sewing experience was — my Grandma was always assigning me little bits and pieces. I’m so grateful to her now, and I still sew with my mom every week!

    Thanks for the opportunity! — Megan

  222. oooh – lovely giveaway ! My first project for my sewing class (after a pillow case and skirt just for practice!) was alovely tote bag which holds heaps and was made from remnants of curtain fabric !! I heart sewing !!!

  223. many thanks for this beautiful giveaway…a real dream for my eyes…

    tara from

    you can play on my blog too;o)

  224. I’m a beginner for sure–just been sewing for a few months. Would love to win your giveaway (go Portland! I am in Seattle πŸ™‚

  225. Oh how great! I haven’t gone much more than sewing up the sides of rectangles, so this would be AWESOME!

  226. Tanya Barrett

    I definitely fall into the beginner category. I have started to teach myself how to quilt, and made my friend two quilts for her baby shower. Your giveaway sounds awesome, Please count me in!

  227. I’ve been jonesing on that fabric so badly. Please enter me in the draw!

  228. I can’t even remember my first sewing project… I think my mom had us sew little snowman christmas ornaments. Thanks for the giveaway.

  229. I’m a beginner and this would be perfect for me!

  230. I’m still a beginner, but am loving it so far! I also made the pact to make all the gifts this year. So far so good πŸ˜€

    Would LOVE to win that fabric. πŸ™‚

  231. I would love to try that sweet pattern! Thank you for the chance to win.

  232. What a great giveaway! I have only recently gotten excited about sewing and now I can’t seem to get enough. I just need more practice! πŸ™‚

    My first sewing project was a dress for my daughter! πŸ™‚

  233. Oh, and I’m subscribing now! πŸ™‚

  234. I’m not sure it was my first project but it was way back in high school in home ec(is there such a thing anymore?). Anyway, I made a blue dress with a full(and I mean full) gathered skirt. Well, I really worked hard and was so proud of myself when I had attached the top to the skirt….except when I looked carefully, I had the skirt sewn on backwards. Yup, I had to pull out all of that stitching and start all over…what a bummer. Thanks for participating in the May give away. What a great prize.

  235. I would love to win! My favorite project is nursing covers for new moms.

  236. My first sewing project was a case for my knitting needles. I hadn’t heard of interfacing (and still haven’t used any) and didn’t really know what I was doing, but went willy-nilly into the project cutting and aligning and sewing. This was last year. It still holds some of my knitting needles, and it kind of rolls up. But it’s floppy and some of the rough edges of the fabric stick out from the pockets and it’s a little silly altogether.

  237. What a great give away I’m new to sewing and would love to try that pattern!

  238. I would love to try something like that. I have been sewing a few years now, but self taught so I love learning new techniques!

  239. I’m learning, and probably still doing a lot of things wrong. I like trying out thing that may be a little over my head and seeing if they come out!

  240. I love your idea to sew all your gifts. Best of luck and all the encouragement on that one.
    My first sewing project was Barbie clothes…in our attic of all places…no idea why my sister and I were in the attice, but I still have the Barbie skirt!! Thanks for the chance to win your fabulous prize!

  241. Oh thanks for letting on to more fabric shops in Portland. Now I must be jealous until the next time I visit. Baltimore is hurting for a good one.

  242. My first project was a pillow case, simple without any zipper but in a beautifully printed fabric!

  243. What a terrific giveaway! The sewing patterns are just awesome, and you can sell them too? Bonus!

    I’ve been sewing for a few years, but nothing complicated. I realized I’m not patient or precise enough to sew clothing, so I stick to small projects – like bags, pillows, thank kind of thing. Things where if I screw them up, it’s not noticeable, lol.

  244. Count me in – enjoy your giveaway!

  245. I would love to win! I’m not a new sewer but I’m definitely still learning! The first sewing projects I ever completed were making Barbie doll clothes with my Grandmother (who is amazing). I’m glad that she taught me.

  246. Thanks for a chance to win! πŸ™‚

    My first project I remember was a colorful swimsuit cover up with a hood! I wish I had a picture of it because I was so proud!

  247. Those fabrics are adorable!

  248. I would love the Small Satchel pattern! What a cute purse for a beginner like me to make! Thanks for the chance to win this great drawing! And I am SO bookmarking your blog!! Love it!

  249. Also, I subscribed through my google reader. I’ve been thinking about going only handmade for gifts next year – and what great inspiration you have!

  250. Oh, I love those patterns. Thanks for the link! The first project that I ever tackled, a long time ago, was a jumper that had pants on the bottom instead of a skirt. (Sorry , I don’t know what they are called!) My mom was helping me and she had me sew the legs together! Ha! Oh, what a learning experience. I have come a long way since then, but I still have a lot to learn. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  251. Thanks for the link to that etsy store. I love those patterns! I am not a beginner but still do have a lot to learn! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  252. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! My first sewing project was a simple skirt.

  253. Cute fabrics. My first sewing project was an extremely unflattering denim dress. But I didn’t let that discourage me.

  254. I have been thinking I should sew a wallet. Pattern looks interesting!

  255. sarabclever

    Great looking prizes! Thanks!

  256. When I first started sewing I mainly made pillows and purses for my Barbie dolls. Eventually I branched out into Barbie clothes and a stuffed frog. Now I’m up to clothes for my daughter and me and small quilts and purses and lots of other random things. It’s “sew” much fun! (I can’t believe I just said that!)

  257. What a wonderful giveaway! I’d love to win!

    My first sewing project was many, many years ago … I was about 3 or 4. I sewed clothes for my Barbie dolls. I haven’t stopped sewing since!

  258. I’m a subscriber.

  259. Super. Love your plan for the year…I think I may try that too just to make myself start having fun with projects again.

    First thing I remember sewing – a wrap around skirt at about age 11. Hardest thing, my wedding gown. Current project, baby sun hat.

  260. What a clever giveaway! My first sewing project was in the 4th grade. I made a shorts and shirt set out of batik. I loved it!

  261. Oh how perfect! I just finished my very first sewing project (Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Tote) and I can’t wait to make more!

  262. my first project was a pair of shorts in 6th grade. i don’t make clothes any more, but i love quilting. great giveaway!

  263. I’m not a beginning sewist, but I am a relatively beginning quilter. I am loving all the beautiful fabrics out there, including the Lizzy House stuff. My absolute first real sewing project, after all the little dinky projects my grandmother used to teach me, was a black and white plaid flannel jumper. I was in the 6th grade. I think I wore it at least once a week, i was so proud! πŸ™‚ Thanks very much for the chance at your giveaway.

  264. great giveaway! I love Keyka Lou’s patterns – thanks for reminding me about this one!!!

  265. That fabric kills me. And what a great idea of giving away a pattern as well. If that doesn’t motivate people to get sewing, nothing will.

  266. OH MY………ack! Am in love with that ENTIRE LINE!!!

  267. Wow, interesting and surprising giveaway. Thank you so much for your willingness to do this…it is fun!! I live in Salem, Oregon and would love to know about portland desingers. I am just getting into full on sewing, just like you and hope to learn more.

  268. And now I subscribe to your blog….thanks for fueling my fabric obsession here.

  269. Great giveaway! My first sewing project was in home ec. I sewed a quilted pillow and was so proud. I still have it.

  270. I have been teaching my self to sew. and Love it. The key is practice. I have gotten to the point that I can teach my daughter to sew!

  271. Great prize! I love the Lizzy House line and that wallet is super cute!

  272. Wow, love the fabric! I’m definitely a beginner. I can (sometimes) sew in a straight line!

    kldemare at yahoo dot com

  273. These fabrics are super cute! And the patterns are great for a newbie to the bag sewing world, like me.

  274. Thanks for participating in the giveaway!

  275. I just started in February and my first project was a simple skirt. Since then I’ve been slightly obsessed with baby things, despite my lack of actual children. Pics are on my blog.

  276. This is one of the best giveaways I’ve seen. Thank you!

  277. I made pajama pants in home ec, but my first real self-starter project was turning a bunch of my Dad’s old shirts into tank tops in high school, cutting it off under the arm, turning it around backwards and upside down, and adding straps. I still am not great with patterns, but I do love trying to follow the directions!

  278. I’ve just been sewing for about 9 months, so I’m sort of a beginner. I’ve never used a pattern. I just kind of make it up as I go along. I’ve made about 15 quilts now and absolutely love it. Never made any bags or wallets, so I’d love a chance to win.

  279. This would be awesome to win! Thank you!

  280. What a cool giveaway! My first project was a quilt for my sister!

  281. Great giveaway. I love those fabrics! Very generous.

  282. Well, I’m not really a beginner – I first sewed at age six, and it was a “doll gnome hat” I made by sewing together the sides of a shoulder pad that my mother was cutting out of a blouse (it was 1983). I’ve been an on-again off-again seamstress ever since, but that was my only abandoned shoulder pad refashion!

  283. Love the giveaway…count me in!

  284. I love the fabric. thanks for doing this giveaway!!!

  285. Jennifer O.

    That fabric is adorable!

  286. Lyndy Young

    Wow what a great giveaway. I can’t claim to be a beginner sewer but when I was my first item I made was a library bag for primary school. But my daughter has inherited the bug and is just starting out so maybe I could share with her.

  287. Oh, I would love to win this! I have taken a short sewing class but am still very much a beginner and would have a blast trying out one of those patterns!

  288. Oh i love the lizzy fabric — my first sewing experience was trying to make barbie dolls clothing out of scraps! I used saftey pins because mum would not let me near the sewing machine!!

  289. I have done some sewing, but this pattern and the fabric both look awesome! I would love to make the little wallet.

  290. I’m not a beginner but I’d still love to win. The wallet is cute and the fabrics are great! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  291. Whew, my first sewing project was in HS in Home Ec. That is where I learned to sew. I made a dress 😦 But I am not a garment sewer, I enjoy crafts better, and quilting best.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  292. Lovely! Thanks for the chance to win! I’m an in between – not a beginner but definitely not an expert. Count me in!

  293. I’m not a beginner but neither am I a pro :-). I’ve 4 girls who are beginners and doing great. I also help with beginner sewers in our local 4-H. I applaud your goal to give handmade this year. We try to do that as much as possible whether it be sewn, knit, crocheted, baked or canned (jam and salsa). Thanks for having the giveaway!

  294. I’m a beginning sewer so this sounds perfect!

  295. I’m a total beginner–well, still a wish-I-coudler–and you’ve got a pretty great giveaway going on here!

  296. I would love a chance to win… easy is right up my alley. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  297. finally made some pants!! Always wanted to make some for me, though the first pair were for our son, even better. thanks for the inspiration Emily! I love that you are diving in head first and learning (and sharing) as you go, whoo hoo!!!

  298. love her patterns. i used the half moon for christmas presents! hope we win!!! thanks for the chance to win!

  299. My first sewing project was a sampler quilt class I took with my mom at my local quilt store 8 years ago.

  300. I love that fabric!! Beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win:)

  301. love those fabrics! My first sewing project was curtains for our house right after we bought it. Started out of desperation and turned into passion.

  302. Ooh, those are fun giveaways. The first thing I remember making was a circle skirt when I was about 15. I had a lot of help from my mom – I loved that skirt!

  303. Even though I’m not a beginner sewer, it sometimes feels like I am. I finally got a sewing machine again after several years and I’m trying to get back into it. You’re right, it’s best to start simple.

  304. Total beginner sewer here who would love the chance to win!

  305. I think the first thing I sewed was a potholder, that or a towel wrap….. Both were in a 4-H class.

  306. Those fabrics are great! And who can beat a Keyka Lou Pattern? My very first sewing project was when I was in Junior HIgh…probably about 13 or so… I made a pair of footed doll pajamas. I have anly been an occasional sewer until recently so for many things I still consider myself a beginner.

  307. I love that fabric! My first sewing project was a jumper, blue w/ pink flowers, that I made with my mom when I was probably about 10. I loved that jumper so much!

  308. I made a beanbag for my first sewing project

  309. Chris Scheffel

    Great fabric and the patterns will definitely be worth checking out. Keep sewing, I love the skirt.

  310. Just love to sew childrens clothing. Looking for great fabrics. Thanks

  311. The wallet looks like a really neat project. The fabric is beautiful. I’m new to sewing, but so far my favorite project is making a purse with my mom.

  312. thank you so much for the opportunity! this is a great site (and gift!) for beginners like me :o)

  313. am following you too – i have a feeling i’m going to become quickly addicted to this experiment!

    thanks again ❀

  314. I’m not a total beginner, but I’ve got a long way to go! Mostly a line and pillowcase dresses here! I love the red letter day fabrics, would love to win some! Thanks!

  315. What a fun giveaway! Love the fabrics. My first sewing project was a blouse for myself, now I mostly sew for my daughter.

  316. Thanks for the chance to win! I feel like a beginner all the time b/c I tend to only make something once… so constantly figuring out how to do something new!

  317. great giveaway! I love that ducky fabric!

  318. Love crafting, love sewing and knitting and have given me a similar task: sew everything (except the basics) for my daughter and myself and if i buy, buy something that’s really special. But i am still supporting local though – love cool cottons! Thanks!

  319. I am not a beginner, but I have a log way to go to be an expert. My first sewing projects were sewing doll clothes as a child. Thanks for the giveaway.

  320. Thanks for the inspiration. I am a newbie, and want to make it all! I couldn’t find your subscribe button, so i live bookmarked you, does that count? Oh well, even if it doesn’t, I would have bookmarked you anyway!


  321. Cute wallet pattern and fabric! I’m so excited! πŸ™‚

  322. We just found my daughter a beautiful AG doll at the thrift store – but no clothes! So, I’ve really got to get busy and make some doll clothes – daughter is excited to “help” me!

  323. Rachel Velder

    First project was a little blanket for my barbies!

  324. great fabrics and a lovely pattern – thanks for the chance to win! the first thing I made was a pillow back in at school but I have just recently got back into sewing and I have just finished my very first quilt!

  325. Awesome giveaway!

    I am 8. I am learning how to sew. I am doing handstitching at first. I hope to be on the machine before the end of summer. You can see my work on my blog.

    I am having a giveaway as well at

    and so is my mom at

  326. I didn’t know about those patterns, the bags are all very cute! Thank you for the chance to win one.
    I think my first sewing project as a child was a kind of doll-sized cushion. My first one as a grown up, when I really started sewing, was a neck-corset. I like sewing to create my own clothes and to make gifts for my friends and family. As for pictures, you can see my last sewing projects on my Flickr:

  327. Love the fabrics, so cute! Well, I’m a quilter, but have not really forrayed into the 3D sewing yet, I Have a new machine which I’m hoping to start using to make kids clothes etc. My first stitches were led by my grandmother when I was six, but once I outgrew making simple gathered waist skirts for the dolls I abandoned sewing until restarting with the quilting which has been more or less self taught.

  328. i love that fabric!!!!! i want to make my first patchwork *something* soon!
    am thinking log cabin cushion as it looks fairly straightforward and i have this japanese craft book ( for lots of inspirational ideas

  329. I love Red Letter Day. I just bought some, but I want more!! The first thing I ever sewed was a hideous navy skirt with pink roses on it. I was about 12 and it was in the late 80’s, so the skirt wasn’t totally out of style, although when I look at pictures it is just so ugly!!

  330. I have been drooling over this fabric since i first saw it! Thanks for the chance to win..

  331. rosessimone

    Great prize. Very generous. Fingers crossed!

  332. I’m just past beginner but I still love to sew simple projects with beautiful fabric. Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  333. Great giveaway!

    I’m from Des Moines, Iowa and I’m a graphic designer by day and a crafter by night. I used to be a long-distance runner, but injured myself in a marathon last year, so instead, I’m a crafty dame.

    I’ve only recently started quilting and I had no idea how much math would be involved!

    Aside from that, I do many other crafts β€” mainly right now it’s reclaiming ceramics.

    If you’re bored, check out my blog for all my crafty endeavors.
    I’d love to be in on this! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity.


  334. I am a kind of beginner… I have started quilting and have only really done one block. So this would be lovely.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  335. The first big project I ever attempted (with the help of my mother) was a big full-circle velvet cape with satin lining. I was a child with odd tastes.

    The first thing I sewed period was probably either a little pouch, or a shirt for my cat. Once again, odd tastes. πŸ˜€

  336. After my daughter was born, I was inspired to sew a quilt — very ambitious! So, I first sewed one out of clearance fabrics to see how it would turn out. I also picked a super-easy pattern. Well, I really liked the whole process & it’s turned into an Etsy business now with quilts, baby blankets, and even purses. All of this in a year & a half. Whew!

    Thanks for the chance to enter!


  337. great pattern, great fabrics… Please count me in !

  338. I would love to get more into sewing…I have made a few things, wheat bags, peek a boo bags, have done some patching but that’s about it….would love to be able to sit and read a pattern and know what I’m doing..or supposed to be doing.

  339. I’ve been eyeing that pattern for a while so this is realllllyyy great!

    sasikirana at yahoo

  340. Great fabric. Would love to win!

  341. MzTallulah

    Yes please! A pattern that can be sewn in 1 to 3 hours would be just ideal, I especially like the small satchel (or maybe it’s just the gorgeous purple fabric that makes it stand out…), and the fabric is ideal for fun projects! Thankyou to you, Michelle, and Lizzy.

  342. I would love to win this great giveaway – thanks for your generosity!

  343. Way to go encouraging fellow starters! My friend went to sewing school and helps me a lot. And hello to another Portlander!

  344. my friends mom is teaching me to sew (shes an amazing quilter) i love this!

  345. I’ve been trying to do handmade gifts, too! I didn’ t realize how many birthdays are so close together in our family….

  346. April Alexander

    Love the fabric! Hope I win!

  347. Who wouldn’t want to win this?

  348. What a great blog! I love your resolution to make all your gifts this year. The reasons you listed really resonated with me – “crafty yearnings, green ambitions, and practically non-existent income”. My goal at the beginning of the year was to make 50% of our gifts this year. So far…that has not happened, but we’re entering birthday season around here, and your blog has re-inspired me to try again!

  349. Fabric looks lovely. I am going to have to look for it. Thanks for the tips on Portland

  350. Oh I have only been sewing for about a year. My first project was the Amy Butler Frenchie bag and it got me instantly hooked! Now I sew all the time!

  351. Wow, it is like you read my mind! I just bought two patterns from Keyka Lou last week and while I haven’t started them yet I did read through them and was super impressed with her instructions.

    And, I actually recently blogged about Lizzy House’s Red Letter Day collection here: I absolutely love this fabric and have to get my hands on it somehow!

    When I first was taught to sew I was about 13 and it was not a success but when I first learned to sew I was in my early twenties and I have not given up since. I love it!

    thanks for sharing

  352. oh wow! what a great give away.


  353. OOh la la! keeping my fingers crossed!


  354. Red Letter Day is my favorite new line of fabric love it! I’m far from being a beginner, but the thrill has not faded…I love fabric, I love sewing of all kinds, and the entire hobby, everything about it, just makes me smile and all warm and fuzzy inside!


  355. I think I’m going to win!

  356. The first thing I ever made was a T-shirt for my brother (I don’t think he ever actually wore it out of the house!). Hopefully, my skills have improved since then. Thanks for offering your giveaway!

  357. Yay, I love this! I’m doing the self taught thing and the hardest part about that is finding the time to sew with an infant in the house (because I swear it takes me twice as long as the patterns suggest!)…please enter me!

  358. Would love to win your giveaway! And really, you’re an inspiration for me… I am an idea gal myself. I seem to do great at all the gatehring and planning, but the follow through takes an extra oompf. You go girl.

  359. I’m a beginner but I’ll share that my first solo sewing project was a little stuffed sheep for my youngest daughter. It came out really cute and inspired me not be afraid of the sewing machine.

  360. I love the fabrics. I would love to win.

  361. Cool! I am a beginner and already am hooked. Your prize sounds great!

  362. I’ve been trying to get back into sewing, having had the distraction of a knitting machine. I’m currently trying to cover a chair with loose covers.. currently there are a LOT of pins involved so it’s pretty risky to practice sitting in the chair itself!

  363. My very first sewing project was a sewing tool roll. I made it out of a quilted turquoise fabric on my grandma’s old Bernina (830 I think). I really wish I knew what happened to that thing! Thanks for the chance to win =)

  364. This is the best giveaway idea I’ve seen! Great pattern and adorable fabric (those duckies have caught my eye!).

  365. Oh wow, this is a beautiful pattern! And I love that you are making it a complete package by supplying the fabric too! So fun! I hope I win!

  366. And I am now subscribing to your blog! Booyah!

  367. Great give away! I’m not a beginner… I jumped head first into sewing 3 years ago… my first project was a tag blanket for my little one. I still like making tag blankets, that’s actually the giveaway on my blog right now.

  368. The first thing I made was a doll skirt when I was a kid. And I really like that fabric!

  369. Total beginner. I am sew hooked though! I haved made several projects and am always looking for more.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  370. Definite beginner here. And I love PDF patterns because I’m scared to death to cut out the tissue ones! Thanks for doing such a great giveaway!

  371. great giveaway . I use to sew a lot & then I moved and didn’t bring my sewing machine and now I share a friend’s sewing machine.

  372. I’ve been sewing for about a year now… very hooked! It’s so addictive.

    Would love to win this!

    Please enter me in the draw and don’t forget to enter mine!

  373. What awesome giveaways- thank you for this opportunity! I just started quilting in January and love making baby quilts for my friends and family!

  374. thanks for spreading the word! just yesterday i noticed my beloved 4 yr old wallet looking worn and thinking i should replace it and how awesome it would be if i could sew my own. you showed me the way!

  375. Misty.Creek

    I can sew a straight line fairly well but clothes and complicated projects overwhelm me. I just fumbled my way through an ipod cover for my niece and she loved it. Definitely homemade and could’ve been redone but it was a hit!

  376. Totally totally new beginner ! Thanks for the chance to win some fabulous fabric and pattern πŸ™‚
    nur_april at yahoo dot com dot sg

  377. What an awesome giveaway. And I LOOOOOVE Lizzy House. Thanks!

  378. I love the fabrics and the easy to understand patterns! I also am enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  379. bumblebee_sulz

    ogmigoodness. ure so generous.
    and this is so perfect for me – i am a beginner, and recently got a sewing machine. i’m quit eeager to try my very first tote/wallet!
    and yes, keyka lou is awesome (ive been reading her blog – shes very generous too:) ), and so are you!
    thanks for sharing.

  380. Ohhhh pick me! I love all the goods. How nice of you πŸ™‚

    Just tweeted: sevidesigns

  381. First sewing project – slippers from washcloths in a 4H sewing group (in elementary school). I just got my own machine last summer and I’m sewing up a storm now. i just learned how to make a button hole!

  382. What a great giveaway and so appealing to newbies. I have made a few quilts but most of the other projects I do are not too great. I would love to try to make one of these!
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  383. This is an awesome giveaway! The first thing that I ever sewed was clothing for my dolls! And I have been sewing ever since!

  384. Would love to make this!!

  385. It’s amazing that you have handmade all your gifts. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  386. Thanks for sharing about the patterns. I want to learn to really sew (more than just pocket curtains) but I’ve never known where to start.

  387. Susan M in Alaska

    I have been sewing for awhile, but always love trying new things and usually the simpler the better (I’m a mom – self explanatory). Thanks for a great giveaway!

  388. I have been sewing for a while now, but often still feel like a beginner! I got my first sewing machine (a used Singer) as an early Xmas gift so I could make gifts for others. That year people got scarves that were cotton on one side and either a fuzzy boucle or velvet on the other side. One family member referred to hers as a table runner! Ouch. Things have improved since that fateful December. I wish I had photos, but that was before I thought to document my every crafty impulse.

  389. Jessica Candice

    i love this give away!

  390. Please enter me in the giveaway. I so appreciate your generosity! I am new to sewing, so am enjoying getting inspired. Thanks and have a good day.

  391. OMG! I’ve never made a card wallet before. I’m pretty sure my first foray into sewing was making a purse. Needless to say, it wasn’t too pretty when all was said and done, since I was using remnants to make it (burgandy and tan from what I remember).

    Count me in! The fabrics are beautiful too!

  392. Thanks for the chance to win! I started sewing last year and my first project was a bag/tote thing… You can see it here: (it’s the first one pictured… the others followed πŸ™‚

    Cheers from Barcelona!

  393. Ooo…I wanna try this one! Looks like a fun little wallet! Maybe I can get my 9 year old to make one with me as well…

  394. This is so generous, would feel very lucky to win!

  395. This is an awesome giveaway for a beginner such as me. I have made some projects already, but I am still trying to figure out a few things… Thanks for the chance!

  396. What a great giveaway! I guess I am a beginner, as it has been several years since I first sewed, but the number of finished projects is still quite small. Two young boys and frustrating patterns keep me stranded in UFO land. Thanks for the chance to win that awesome fabric and hopefully an easy pattern!!

  397. Following you!! Thanks again!!

  398. A new pattern and fabric – now THAT is my favorite kind of prize!

  399. sounds like a great start to sewing. now i’ve only done felt characters for my 2 tots, stitching by hand. sewing with a machine seemed such a long time ago, in middle school days. abby

  400. Thanks for the giveaway!

    If I happen to win, you can just leave me a comment on my blog. Thanks again!

  401. This looks like a nice giveaway!
    Thanks for your courtesy.

  402. I would love any fabric or patterns you have to give. I have recently gotten the sewing bug again and am pulling out my machine again.

  403. You should be proud of what you’re doing and I hope all your recipients appreciate the love and time you put into your projects! Your giveaway is just perfect – how lucky anyone would be to win!

  404. this is so thoughtful of you! I am going to check out the links you have, especially for the patterns. I’m excited that she has a category for ‘beginners’ !!



    (Awesome pledge btw…to handcraft all your gifts. so special & imo- way cooler)

  405. I love those fabrics (especially the top duckie one) and I’m going to check out those patterns right now. I’m not a new sewer, but I’ve only done baby quilts and coasters before, I really want to make some other things! haha Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  406. I am absolutely in LOVE with Lizzie’s Red Letter Day! Love it, love it, love it! I started sewing when I was very young — like 8 years old. I think the first thing I made was a tiered skirt in 4-H — yellow with white and blue flowers — out of FLANNEL! Why on earth didn’t someone tell me not to make a flannel tiered skirt? I just liked the print on the fabric. I’m afraid I don’t have a picture. I’m sure I wore knee socks with it, though. Lovely.

  407. What a sweet giveaway. I would love to win!

  408. My first sewing project was an apron way back when I was in high school. I am not a beginner by any means BUT I am a newbie to quilting. I have been doing it for just over a year. For years I had not sewn anything, then a friend got me to take her class on paper piecing. Now I sew every week and sometimes daily when I have the time.

  409. Wow, sweet giveaway (that duck fabric, swoon!). Thanks! My goal this is summer is to get to know my machine VERY well…we’re slightly acquainted already, but…ya know!

  410. I’m not a beginner not by a long way but I like beginner patterns at times when brain power and energy mean you don’t want to make anything complicated. I don’t remember not being able to sew but the first thing I remember making was gardening aprons for my gran and others which had appliquΓ© on the pockets.

  411. Awesome giveaway, the pattern & fabric are just great! I’ve got my fingers crossed!

    ugli.tangelo.fruit at gmail dot com

  412. What fun patterns and fabric! I’ll have to check out her work – I’ve never seen those before.

  413. I’m not a beginner, but my first sewing project was my very first quilt when I was 10 years old. I still have it, and boy, is it ugly. But I love it anyway because it reminds me of how far I’ve come. πŸ™‚

  414. Those fabrics are sew cute!

    My first sewing project was a sleep sack for my daughter. Pic of it here:

    Now I mostly sew tote bags. They are addicting!

    Thanks for such a sweet giveaway!

  415. I just love everything about sewing.
    iΒ΄m from Brazil!!!
    thank you!

  416. Sweet fabrics! I’m a total beginner, so this would be helping me start my stash!

  417. Just tweeted about the giveaway!

  418. Holy jeez, i have been eyeing that fabric forever!

  419. Love the fabrics, and even an experienced sewer can use a great wallet pattern.

  420. wow, more fabric i’ve never seen–the ducks are great! hope i win! πŸ™‚

  421. I love the fabric – saw it on the long thread’s friday finds and it was love at first sight! here’s to hoping i win, here, here!

  422. i just subscribed via google reader, for an extra chance to win! can you tell i totally love this giveaway?? xo

  423. ph my! I’m dying for some of that fabric! and I need a good purse pattern!

  424. Ooh! What a fun giveaway! I would love to win!!!
    xoxoxo Jaime

  425. Totally following you now! Can’t wait to find out what’s next… LOL!
    xoxoxo Jaime

  426. I’ve been sewing almost as long as I can remember (but I still hesitate to call myself advanced). I started out by sewing doll clothes. A simple rectangle with an elastic casing makes a great doll skirt. I learned by watching my mother. We sat side-by-side (she kept a cheap sewing machine for us kids to use) and did a lot of sewing late into the nights.

  427. I LOVE that fabric my Daughter would love it too.. I am somewhat a beginner and i am always trying something new..

  428. Oh, wow! How generous!

    I think my first sewing project was a pair of pedal pushers in green quilting cotton with tiny pink flowers. I think I was about 9. I wore those things ALL the time. I’m pretty sure I wore them out! They were the best, and the only pant-like garment I’d wear. Everything else was skirts!

    serenakate at gmail dot com

  429. Love your give-away!! I think one of my first was making a pair of jeans into bell bottoms. I wanted them for some unknown reason, aparently I was trying to bring them back in 7th grade in the early 90’s!

  430. I love the entire process of looking at a fabric in the store, KNOWING I have to have it, and trying to figure out what to do with it that best portrays its beauty !

  431. I am a beginner sewer and I love the idea of trying to sew bags as both gifts and to sell. I have made a few garments so far, as well as some napkins, and it has been so much fun.

  432. Hi from a fellow Oregonian. I love that you are promoting local designers. My first sewing project was a pair of shorts and a top that I made when I was 13. My grandma taught me to sew that summer on a treadle machine.

  433. You took a hand made pledge too!! Yay!! I took one that I wouldn’t buy clothes anymore unless op shop, 2nd hand or hand made. Then a month later I found out I was pregnant hahaha but I stayed true and have been for over 2 years.. and I included my children too now!! We’re having a give away too!! I would love to win yours though!!

    xo Steph

  434. I am a beginner sewer too and you have made this project sound really easy!! I would really love a chance to win this, it sounds perfect! Thank you sooooomuch πŸ˜€

    x Mel

  435. I forgot to add that I am following your blog with my blog reader!
    Does that count??
    x Mel

  436. Tanya Holt

    I am a sort of beginner- I can do straight lines and am just getting a bit more confidence with following patterns,
    Thanks for your giveaway,

  437. I love sewing. I have to do it every single day! My favorite recent project was a little luggage tote for my daughters camping trip

  438. what an awesome giveaway – the first project I ever sewed was a gym bag during a sewing class in highschool – that was a long time ago!

  439. First sewing projects were on pre-punched cards “sewn” with pieces of yarn. I’ve been hooked for almost 30 years and I still have some of those original cards! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  440. Absolutely love love love your giveaway!!

  441. What fun! I’ve been looking for a business card holder!

  442. Just a beginner, but working on learning what I can!

  443. please enter me! i am still a beginner sewer. i can make simple project bags, but am dying to branch out!thank you!

  444. Love that fabric, need my local shop to carry that stuff!
    my first project? was rug hooking. remember those? i think it was a boy on a bike or something like that. thank you so much for the chance to win!!!!

  445. What an excellent giveaway! I’m a self-taught beginner, and I’m amazed with all of the help and guidance I have found online. Thanks for the chance to win!

  446. Such a neat giveaway! Thank you.

    I started sewing many years ago with my [Grand]Mama. She wouldn’t let me use a machine until I had mastered hand stitching. I still have some of the “lovely” Barbie dresses I made way back in the 60’s.

    Give me a holler if you ever need sewing help.

  447. Cute pattern for a giveaway.

    I learned to sew in 4-H. I remember some ugly 80s outfits as my first projects.

  448. I love that fabric! What a great giveaway πŸ™‚

  449. My mom taught me when I was about 9 and I have been sewing ever since. Your give away is great! Thank you

  450. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for letting me enter.

    I taught myself to sew five years ago and have never stopped! I think the first thing I made was a really, really bad tote bag. I don’t even have pictures.

  451. My mom has been teaching me to sew, it started last spring, and I still consider myself a beginner. (I can’t make straight lines shhhh) But I love making plushies out of cute fabric πŸ™‚


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