Reading Between the Lines – Inspiration Wednesday with More Reader’s Blogs

We all search the internet for inspiration from time to time. Most of us probably search daily, but how many of us stop to acknowledge our own ability to inspire. I started this Handmade Experiment back in January and have shared my experiences both online and with my friends and family from the very beginning. What a joy it has been finding out that just by sitting down and sewing a tutu for a little girl’s birthday or figuring out a pattern for a pair of kid’s pants I can inspire others to make something of their own!

You all have given me such encouragement and support to keep up with my commitment to handmade. This week I’m turning it around and lending my support to YOUR endeavors. Thank you for reading and commenting, for sending in pictures and sharing your own inspirations with me.

Here are some more crafty, creative blogs from some of my readers. Everyone of them is an inspiration.


A Bookish Life – Keri quilts, makes clothes for an adorable little girl, writes book reviews, and much, much more.


Monster Knits Blog – Kris’s blog is a great one for you knitters out there. She has adorable kids to model her awesome projects and the whole thing feels like you’re outside on a sunny day. Very nice!


Max and Ellie – Two sisters who left teaching to be stay at home moms and now create lovely things that they blog about and sell in their etsy shop.


mon ami – A Canadian mama who loves great fabrics and has done some of the same projects I plan on trying.

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Pretty Partridge – Ashlee is a mom, a lawyer, and a creative crafter. She does paper crafts as well as sewing and has a good eye for picking other cool handmade items. Just my kind of gal!


MooBear Designs – Stephanie and Carlos live in Sydney, Australia and have started a very cool company. They make eco-friendly T-shirts using their children’s art as the designs. Check them out here. They also have some extremely cool tutorials like this one for making comic strip shoes!


like it or lump it – Sarah is a mom of three who is an Eco-conscious knitter and artist. She has such a fun imagination! Make sure to check out her etsy shop, Lumpkin.


art and play – My friend Yancey is a wonderful mama, artist, and student of massage therapy here in Portland. Check out her paintings! She has just begun turning a few of her imaginative little creatures into plushies, so stay tuned. I love her calming presence through the chaos that is motherhood as well as her ready sense of adventure in all things craft. She is a constant inspiration.

Thanks again everybody. Keep crafting!

4 responses to “Reading Between the Lines – Inspiration Wednesday with More Reader’s Blogs

  1. Oh My Gosh… Thank You so much… I have that warm fuzzy feeling all over me…hehe I can’t believe the amount of inspiring projects that are out here.

    xo Steph (and Carlos)

  2. Awww…..thanks so much for including me!

  3. Wow! How nice, thank you very much:)

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