Friday Fabric Show

As you all know Bee Square Fabric is almost out of business. For those who didn’t know, hurry! There are still a few patterns left! I took full advantage after reading about their huge sale on True Up. I got some Garden Flowers and Happy Bees,
some Apple Alphabet and Bear’s Guests,
some Village and Teddy Bears,

Queen of Cats and Mice,
loving the Glitter Elephants and Bear’s Guests,
and I topped it off with the last of the Bunnies and Flowers. Yay!
While I was going fabric crazy I also hopped over to This and That from Japan and got these two great patterns, Musical and Procession of Ants. They were having a 20% off sale. They’re on vacation right now, but check back often because they have some really fun stuff!
fabric 7

Finally, last but certainly not least, I moseyed over to The Heyday Shop and picked up these cutie patooties, Robot World and Daruma Men. I have not seen either of these patterns anywhere else, so was very excited to get them. She also included some fun wooden buttons! Check out her shop. They are having a sale right now – 20% off the entire etsy shop!

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