Q’s Doll and Ball

Stitched In Time nutcracker doll

I finished Q’s birthday doll over the weekend, but am waiting to give it to her until her party on Saturday. Simone was a HUGE help with the hair (thanks Simone!) and I took a cue from Orangeflower and put in an elastic waist for the skirt. I could not figure out Alicia‘s instructions on that at all. Ha! Oh well! I think she still came out pretty cute even if her head is more than a little smooshed.

doll waiting to make a call

Check out yolaswinkles‘ doll that I found on Flickr.com whilst searching for help with my own. Doesn’t she rock!!

PZ wanted to make Q a ball for her birthday. We went back and forth for a couple days about this with me trying to convince her to do something from Lotta Jansdotter‘s new book or Susan Beal’s owl toy. She wouldn’t budge. It had to be a ball. A BIG ball, Mama. So even though I REALLY didn’t want to make a ball we went ahead and started it today. I thought it would be fun to let PZ pick out the fabrics and sew on the machine a little, but as soon as her Dad came up to run an errand that little booger was out the door with him, leaving me to do the whole thing by myself. Where’s the love?!? Anyway, it is all done except for the stuffing which I’m going to try and get PZ to do.

deflated ball

So if all goes well, you should see an inflated version in the next day or so. I’m thinking we might use some plastic bags/recycled wipes wrappers, etc. to fill it so it has a nice crinkle sound. Speaking of upcycling, Stephanie if you’re reading I’m planning on sending your package to you tomorrow. I haven’t forgotten!


Hubs gave me these flowers this weekend. We had our first date night in more than a year last Wednesday (phew! was it ever needed!). Is it a coincidence that I get flowers just mere days later? I think not! We’re going out again tomorrow. We’re going to see that movie The Bloom Brothers. Perhaps I’ll get some more blooms of my own.

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