Bugs in Space

I recently participated in Rebecca from Blinking Flights‘ bug swap. She makes these wonderfully creative soft toys and wanted to celebrate creating a PDF pattern for one of them by hosting an international swap. A few of us crafty adventurers signed up to get the pattern early, make one of the little buggles and after being paired up, swap! So fun!!

My partner decided she had too much on her plate and bailed, so I am getting to swap with Rebecca herself. Very cool! Bec lives in Australia, so although I mailed this little guy last week it will probably still take some time for him to make the journey. The Fam and I are leaving early next week for some summerly adventures and much family gathering. I’m hoping when I get back I’ll have a new little friend waiting for me! 

So until I can post pictures of that, here is what I came up with. 


Name: Zaque “Space Man” Bug

Age: 3 or 4 light years

Likes: laser guns and David Bowie

Dislikes: helmet hair and dogs who mistake him for a bone


5 responses to “Bugs in Space

  1. He arrived today & I love him! I will post photos soon, hope yours get there soon… Aus Post is really pathetic compared to US post… 😦


  2. I love Rebecca’s stuff! Looks like a cool swap. And awesome of rebecca for taking care of her swappers and making sure no one falls through the cracks, although I understand things happen and people can’t often complete swaps. Love Zaque! And a Bowie fan too, bonus!

    • emilyflippinmaruna

      I’m on vacation right now so I haven’t yet received Rebecca’s bug, although I’m sure it is waiting patiently for our return. I’ll post pics as soon as I get back. thanks!

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