New Year/Old Pants


PZ started her second year of preschool last Wednesday. While going through her clothes to see what all we needed to buy for the back to school season, I found she’d grown out of ALL her pants, even those I’d taken the hems out of. Luckily the elastic waistbands all still fit just fine.


To save myself some cash and some hassle trying to talk a three year old into wearing new clothes, I chose to just modify all her “go to” pants from last fall. I added all new cuffs, pockets (because according to PZ even pjs need pockets!), and even these super cute apple kneepads.

Don’t even ask. Ha!


I made the new cuffs three inches long, so they’ll need to be rolled up for a little bit. I’m hoping these will last on into next fall!

Please ignore the dirt on the knee. She wore these before I got a chance to take the picture. These pants were all originally created by Kara Larson, Wild Carrots‘ designer and owner of two awesome stores here in Portland – Grasshopper (one of my all time favorite kid’s stores) and Tumbleweed.


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