Counting Down


1 down, 30 to go! It’s October people!! The best month of the year! I am planning on actually making costumes for the whole family this year. (note: I’m in way over my head.) Ambitious, right?!?

Last year, I tried to get PZ all hyped up for Halloween by having an advent-y like calendar and either giving her a little (under $5) spooktacular gift or doing something together like baking halloween cookies, running around in silly masks, going pumpkin picking, etc. We’re continuing the tradition this year with this scary guy. 


PZ and I made him today while she was supposed to be napping. She won’t be convinced that 3 is too young to quit naps. Quiet time/art time is the best I’ve been able to do this week. Anyway, each chain is numbered and every night she can rip off the appropriate one in our countdown and trade in the chain for 1 piece of candy corn. I’m a candy corn junkie, so this will be good for me, too. Ha!

4 responses to “Counting Down

  1. Sure hope you pull out Crafting Fun Emily!!! i will be posting some October crafts tooand dig out the spooky cheesecloth ghost from last October.

  2. This is so cute! You should add this to the Handmade Halloween Blog Carnival!

  3. Adorable!! I think I’ll have to make one with my girls next year : )

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