One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mamakind


can you guess what she is??

So PZ wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween. Yay! Fun costume!! I let Hubs and her do the paper mache helmet and backpack/oxygen tanks and I sewed the suit. I used this pair of overalls that I’d bought from Inretrospect last Christmas as a guide and added sleeves. I put elastic in the ankle and wrist bands and added a little piece of admiral star ribbon. I added the gathered shoulder and the high collar to give it a bit of 60’s “moon girl” appeal.


I tried to tell her the gloves didn't really "go".

The boots are snow boots a friend of ours loaned us last year. They still fit! And the mittens are pink fleece and completely strange with the rest of the costume. Ahem.


She's showing off the "candy hole" feature on her oxygen tanks.

Hubs and PZ did the helmets by covering balloons with paper mache, letting it harden, and then cutting out the face piece. The back pack was a cardboard box that they added yogurt containers and tin cans and other recycling to before paper macheing the whole thing. They painted both white before adding the details with markers.


Space Alien Mama from the Eye Land Planet

Tasked with being a space alien and matching the baby alien, I cut out some eye shapes out of an old sheet, cut out slightly bigger pieces of gray felt, then machine sewed them onto an old wool sweater. I fabric painted the color part of the eyes on. Strange I know, but I actually really like the sweater now. I might just wear it after Halloween, too.


2 astronauts and 2 space aliens make for 1 fun party!

We debuted our costumes on Saturday night at a friend’s Halloween party. We got a lot of cool comments and funny looks on the short walk from our house to hers. I LOVE Halloween!!


Studying the alien life form.

I used the same overalls as a guide for making these green terry cloth ones, cutting about 6 inches off the leg. Then hot glue gunned (ouch!) a bunch of googley eyes on the front and back and down each leg. I want to get some little hair clips and glue eyes to them too before trick – or – treating.

So cool. This was my first time to make a Halloween costume and I ended up making 3! Hubs already had an orange jumpsuit (don’t ask me why), so he was good. And now I know how to make overalls and use a hot glue gun. With each project I do I’m adding new skills and knowledge to my toolbox.

I’m hoping to get some better pictures, so I’ll make sure to post them after Halloween. Is anyone else out there making their costume? What are you going as?

*here are the pictures I promised from Halloween night.



PZ the Astronaut


space aliens and astronaut

Space Aliens and Astronaut


So excited about space!!

i come in peace 2

I come in peace...

crying space alien

She apparently comes from the Crying Eyes planet. (teething is no fun!)




4 responses to “One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mamakind

  1. I love the astronaut helmet!! it’s fantastic.

    googly eyes are sweet too…

    Looks like you take halloween as seriously as I do!

    • emilyflippinmaruna

      Thanks Stacy! We had a lot of fun making these. Family projects. Yay! And Halloween is definitely my favorite holiday, so yeah, we take it pretty seriously. 🙂

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