Reversible Rabbits

I’m finally getting around to posting these super cute pants I made for Q in the middle of Halloween costume madness month (otherwise known as October). I found the tutorial on The Sewing Dork‘s blog, a great resource with all sorts of fun and useful tutorials. 

reversible pants

I used some “vintage” purple flannel that I found at Knittn Kitten and the black cotton with bunnies is a Japanese import by Kokka. 


These were so easy to make I’ll probably do a few more before the season is out. I’ve got some other pants in the works for both girls and a pair of overalls which I’ll post as soon as I’m done.

2 responses to “Reversible Rabbits

  1. Hey, nice pants! I love your website and have become a new frequent visitor.
    – The Sewing Dork

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