Park City Girl Quilt Roundup Pt.2

Here is pt.2 of my Park City Girl Fall Festival Quilt favorites. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

crafty tammie– I LOVE the colors in this one. Just beautiful!


blempgorph– Too cute! The first one like this I’ve seen in this list.


quilt it– The kitty cat squares are so fun and creative. Just a really neat idea and really well done. Plus the kitty in the pictures is adorable!


audrey pawdrey-The colors are great and and the shapes and patterns make for a cute, kooky quilt.


don’t call me becky= I really like the sophisticated pallet on this one. Very simple design, but modern. Pleasing for both him and her which is hard to do.


cre8tivekick– Wow! This quilt is a work of art.


ayenforcraft– This one has a great design. I really like the bubbles and vintage prints with the white background. Really exquisite. Perfect for a Modern Victorian nursery.


zonnah’s addiction– Obviously made for a very lucky child. I know a few kiddos who would go nutso for this quilt.


sew at home– This is a really sweet quilt. Makes me think of sunny days and lying in the grass.


my itty bitty quilts– This one feels like a real heirloom piece. Wish I had one in my family.


lifes a quilt– This quilt would really liven up a room. It has great humor and style and is just really fun to look at.


the quilting diaries– Another really sweet one, I love the theme and the smart design.

7 responses to “Park City Girl Quilt Roundup Pt.2

  1. my nana will be so proud when I tell her their quilt is on your list! (she’s 90 and doesn’t sew as much anymore, but still rocks her sewing machine from time to time!) thanks for including it with all the fantastic quilts you chose. I especially love the circle quilting on avenforcraft’s.

  2. Thank you, Emily! I am very happy to be on your list. There are so many pretty and special quilt on the show.

    ; )

  3. Thanks for including me as well! I know my mom will be thrilled :-). What a great collection of quilts!

  4. Wow! Thank you! I’m delighted to be included on your list.

    Karen S

  5. Thanks for including me among so many other beautiful quilts! It was a nice surprise. 🙂 They are all beautiful.

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  7. What a great round-up! Some of my favorite are here, too!

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