Must Have Monday: If I Was Buying Christmas Gifts for My Kids…

So here is where this little experiment gets tricky. Christmas time. I’m actually pretty excited about it and although Hubs hasn’t made any commitment to handmade I’ve been thinking of several fun homemade gifts/projects he/we can do for the kids as gifts for Christmas time. I’ll keep you posted on how it pans out.

Since I’m the holiday shopper in the family I was helping Hubs out by looking around on Etsy for a couple of handmade gifts for the girls. He’s buying, not me! Anyway, I came up with this little round-up and thought it might help some others of you out there looking for cool handmade gifts for your little ones this holiday season. Happy shopping!

yogabagabapuppetsWee Knit’s Yo Gabba Gabba finger puppets – PZ would LOVE these. Plex (the yellow robot) is her favorite.

nurseryloveNursery Love’s Story Blocks (set of 12) – Both my girls (3 and 1) would love these cute, colorful blocks. PZ is old enough that she could use them to create elaborate tales and Q would enjoy building them up and knocking them down again.

knottyelephantSunny Side Up Craft’s Knotty Elephant – This guy looks like so much fun to hold. I’m sure Q would just eat him up. Not quite literally, but just about. Ha!

big red barnSteven’s Creation’s Big Red Barn – Both of my girls could spend hours playing with this fantastic farm scene. Q’s favorite animal (and one of her most recognizable signs) is duck so she’d get a big kick out of the little pond while PZ would decorate and redecorate the barn so many times the cow’s wouldn’t know what they were coming home to.

carla  bugFezzig’s Carla Bug – Baby Q would love this little bug dolly. Looks like just the perfect size for her little hands and I love the fabrics!

babyblackbeardtiffpippin’s Baby Black Beard – PZ would be so adorable wearing this! I could add a plaid shirt and she’d be a little lumberjack.

felt fruitSoftie Cafe’s Felt Fruit – Both girls would play with these. I just love the little strawberries and especially the half peeled banana.

organic outer space blocksLittle Sappling Toys Organic Outer Space Set – PZ would flip for these. She’s all about space right now.
raptorrobotsRaptor Baby’s Raptor Robots – Both my girls adore robots. Who would have thought I’d have two girls that love robots, space, and dinosaurs? Not me, but they do. These cute little guys would make a great addition to our dollhouse.

5 responses to “Must Have Monday: If I Was Buying Christmas Gifts for My Kids…

  1. So many great finds I haven’t seen before, thank you for sharing!

  2. thanks for sharing Em! I think I am going to purchase some of these for Dash & Mabel or give the link to some family members.

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  4. Those are so adorable!

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