Two Recent Gifts



I used Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby dress pattern for this present for our friend Mabel’s first birthday party last weekend. (The real color is closer to the first one. The felt is like a lime green) Instead of using Lotta’s pocket pal pattern I cut out this fun nesting doll from my yard of Kokka created Trefle fabric. I used some scrap sage green crushed velvet for the back and stuffed it with some bamboo filling. Ally, if you are reading, you should be able to wash the whole thing in cold and air dry. The gingham was some I’m gotten from Knittn Kitten over the summer.

A couple of new things for me with this one. My first time making my own bias tape and adding it to sleeves and neck. Actually I think this was my first “over the head” dress, all my other ones being pinafores, so that’s fun! It was pretty easy although I will say that I really DISLIKE bias tape!! I even made my own packaging with some vintage wool felt I got at Knittn Kitten last time I was in.


Shannon if you’re reading this STOP NOW!!

I am also including a picture of the oven mitts I made for my 100th blog post giveaway winner, Shannon. I used The Idea Room‘s tutorial. Did I mention that I DISLIKE bias tape!! Ha! This thing took me several times to get it looking decent. My first oven mitts. Shannon, if you’ve snuck down here please know they were made with love and not TOO much cursing. 🙂 I hope they make your holiday season brighter and don’t make you burn your fingers!!


One response to “Two Recent Gifts

  1. love the sweet dress…and what a fun gift!!

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