Welcome to the Handmade Experiment’s Giveaway Spectacular!

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From now until Christmas I’m planning on having at least one Giveaway a week. Yay! *cue fireworks, marching band, and baton twirlers* I’m calling it the Handmade Experiment’s Giveaway Spectacular! WooHoo! *cue acrobats, fire-dancers, and trick ponies* Expect to find great prizes from some of the most talented artists and designers in and around Portland Oregon Alright! *light the cannons, send out the dancing bears, and make room for the clown cars*

What the heck! I figure with enough smoke, mirrors, and excitement no one will notice that I’m not posting much about my own handmade items. It is the holiday season after all. Most of the handmade things I’m making are for people who read this blog! Oops! So, I’m officially putting my Santa’s Little Helper sign up and making my studio a No Peeking zone. I’ll show off the stuff I make for the kids, but unfortunately the rest is top secret.

Now On With the Show!

Let’s start this thing out right with one of my favorite flickr buddies and fellow crafty mamas, Shelly Figueroa owner and creator of Figgy’s Kids. Fairly new to Portland, she just moved here nine months ago from Ohio, Shelly is an awesome seamstress, clothing designer, teacher, and pattern maker who has generously offered up a 3 pattern package. That’s right! Not one, not two, but three patterns are up for grabs!


The first pattern in the 3 pattern package is her Ella’s Bubble Bottom Skirt. This is a fun and easy reversible bubble skirt pattern with an elastic waist and size range of 12 months to 6 years. What little girl wouldn’t love to have one of these?

The second pattern in the package is her Mary Go ‘Round Dress. It is a simple to sew, reversible wrap dress with a snap closure and a size range of 2-6.

3545127596_7484a863d8holyjumpsuitbatgirlpatternAnd last, but not least, is her Holy Jumpsuit, Batgirl! pattern. This adorably nostalgic jumpsuit is a halter top with an elastic back and big ruffles at the leg in a size range of 18 months – 6 years.

jumpsuitAnd the best part is Figgy’s believes in sharing! So not only are they simple to make and fun to wear, but you can also sell the clothing you make so long as you give Figgy’s credit for the pattern. I love this! Thanks Shelly!

If you are in Portland and would like to get one of Shelly’s patterns check out Cool Cottons and Bolt Fabric Boutique. If you’d like to take a class from Shelly she’ll be teaching a Bird Mobile class on 12/1 and The To Go Artist Organizer class on 12/6 both at Bolt. Check at both Bolt and Cool Cottons for future classes taught by Shelly. She also teaches at the Lake Oswego Community School if you have a son or daughter interested in learning hand stitching, machine sewing, or other fun craft projects.


Okay, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. If you want to win this adorable 3 pattern package deal I want you to do three things.
1. Subscribe to my blog. (bookmark me, follow me, put me in a reader. Just come back!)
2. Go to either Figgy’s Kids or 1000 Markets, look around and then come back here and comment. (favorite item, next pattern piece, what you think is missing. In short, give Shelly, a hard-working crafty mama of two some love by giving her some feedback, please!)

3. Make sure you leave me a way to contact you.

If you want more chances to comment and win simply do some networking for me. Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Just leave me another comment letting me know how you got the word out. I’ll leave comments open until Sunday night midnight PST. Monday morning I’ll announce the winner. Thanks! Now I’ve got to get back to sewing!!

15 responses to “Welcome to the Handmade Experiment’s Giveaway Spectacular!

  1. I love the Flores del invierno coat. It’s really darling.

  2. I’m a subscriber! I love her coats, they are beautifully made! The bubble skirt pattern is adorable!

    Sarah @ http://comeandseetheseitz.com

  3. jolie in velvet is beautiful mverno@roadrunner.com

  4. I bookmarked you! I love those patterns and with two little girls, I could put them to good use. I too and wondering what to post these days since I am working on Christmas sewing! I don’t tell many people in real life about my blog but the “what if” lingers there….
    Thanks for the giveaway and your comment on my blog. I will definitely be back!

  5. OOOh, I love these! I’m a subscriber now.
    I’m in the giving mood too and am also doing a giveaway or two each week before Christmas.
    The Sewing Dork

  6. So cute! I love love love the bubble skirt!

  7. Hey hey! Thanks for the give-away, and I’m already a loyal subscriber.

    I’m so excited that the talented Shelly is in my part of the world. I love the Mary Go ‘Round pattern. It’s great to see that there are cute patterns for us novice seamstresses!

  8. Hello all,
    my first reaction to this blog, but absolutely not the first time I read it!!!!
    Just such a pitty that these great design are not for sale in the Netherlands, so I thought to give it a go on this give-away. My daughters looked earlier today and they could not choose (mommy’s favourite is the jumpsuit).
    From Fizzy’s Etsy shop though the Posey at full blossom & Beauty & the coat are irresistable……. maybe I should get some to be send over the ocean…..
    For now, good luck with your Christmas sewing,

  9. I like Beauty and the Coat.

  10. I like the Posey in Full Bloom

  11. I’m a subscriber. I am loving the Posey in Full Bloom dress. Thanks!

  12. Love these 🙂 count me in 🙂

  13. I am a new subscriber. Everything is so cute and well made I love the beauty and the coat.

  14. I’m a subscriber! I really like Posey in Full Bloom and The Giving Trees!

  15. I love the Sailing Sheep Trousers 🙂