My SMS Giveaway Day Winners!

Ghainsom from Germany won my Humble Luna giveaway with the comment, “This tail is a great idea. Count me in!”. She’ll be picking out one of the tails from Humble Luna’s shop. Remember, if you are interested in buying one of these adorable costume dragon tails type “The Handmade Experiment” into the notes for seller’s section and receive a 20% discount!

Grace won my Craftypod eBook giveaway with the comment, “I think the project linus charity is pretty cool! I love that you’re donating 15% of your profits! My fave is crafty tree trimmings!”. So she’ll be receiving a copy of Crafty Tree Trimmings. If you’d like a copy of this eBook, don’t wait. They are only available for purchase until December 31.

Thanks again everyone for such a great SMS Giveaway Day and for leaving really fantastic and encouraging feedback for the artists.

Don’t forget to check out my current giveaway with Sesame Seed Designs.


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