Sitting in Limbo

So… some of you may have noticed that I haven’t really posted much lately. The deal is my year of The Handmade Experiment is over and I’m a little lost as to what I want to do next. I’ve been working on some quilt squares lately, doing a birds and the bees theme.

And my friend Yancey has been reminding me how to knit. I’ve been working on this shrug from the book Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren. I’m hoping to have it done before Q is too big for it.

I’ve also been making toddler pants out of the sleeves from some of my old shirts using Green Kitchen‘s tutorial. But mostly what I’ve been doing is taking some time for myself, reading (I’m learning the importance of the short story), exercising (I’ve lost 15 pounds!), trying some new recipes. Perhaps a month of “me time” is enough. I’m starting to feel less burned out. There might even be a spark of creative energy growing. So watch out!

I’d love to hear what kind of things people are working on so far this year. Are you learning any new crafts? Remembering how to do something you put away awhile ago? I’m also interested in hearing what kind of things you’d like to see in this space this year. Tutorials on how to make toys and upcycled crafts seem to be the most popular. Anything else you’re itching to see here?

3 responses to “Sitting in Limbo

  1. Love the quilt squares! I love the green owl fabric and the Alexander Henry apples/pear fabrics – those are both in my stash and I just love them!

  2. great quilt squares! Any interest in joining a craftalong, I just joined one that started in January. I completed the first project in just a few hours so It wouldn’t be hard to catch up.
    If you are interested click the craftalong2010 link on my side bar for more info.

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