Must Have Monday – Plus Size Spring

I know a lot of women who have trouble finding cute clothes in regular size clothing stores. They want something that celebrates their curves, their sense of style, AND spending philosophies. A huge order, right? Well, listen up ladies! There are real people out there handmaking beautiful clothing for women just like you. I’ll share just a few great places with you if you promise to remember that you deserve to look and feel great, no matter what size you are. Deal? Deal!

One Fine Day Dress (sizes 4-32) and Team Spirit Dress in Yellow (size 2-20) by Parsimony

1930’s Emmaline Dress in Art Deco Fabric (sizes 4-24) and V is for Voluptuous (sizes 4-24) by Lipstick Vogue

One Shoulder Long Sleeve Dress (sizes 14-24) and Violet Spring Dress (sizes 14-24) by JIBRI Online

Sexy Sky Blue Maxi Dress (sizes 2-22), Pink Butterfly Top/Tunic, and Baby Doll Top by Pavlina Dadakova

1950’s Denim Capri Pants by Miss Bombshell

The Lucy Jumper – with removable straps (sizes 0-20) and La Luna Mini Dress (0-20) by Missbrache

17 Arm Squid Skirt (sizes 16/18 and 18/20) and Luluette Couture Skirt (size 22/24) by Cuddlebunny

For more information on Plus Size designers and handmade clothing make sure to check out Try Handmade‘s Plus Size Fashion section.

4 responses to “Must Have Monday – Plus Size Spring

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  2. OMG! These are so cute! Thank you for the resources!

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