Day 2

Day 2 of the elsie marley‘s kids clothes work challenge produced big girl bloomers!


There were no jumpsuits in sight, but I’ll keep trying and hopefully by the end of the week have at least one pair made. I worked about 2 1/2 hours today with a lot of stops and starts to hang out with PZ (I sew during Q’s nap). She asked me a few weeks ago, why they didn’t make bloomers in her size (4-5). Voila!

This red polka dot fabric is a Sevenberry remnant that I picked up at Fashion Depot at 50% off a reduced rate on almost a yard. The black and white striped is a vintage remnant that I got at the Knittn’ Kitten. I’m hoping to make a shirt out of this Michael Miller High As A Kite fabric tomorrow to go with it.


2 responses to “Day 2

  1. The ruffles are a nice touch and the boys pants on the following post look really cool! The boys love to look cool!!

    • emilyflippinmaruna

      Thanks! I wasn’t sure about the ruffles. I was afraid it was too much, but I think in less dramatic colors they’ll be fine. These are for my daughter whose favorite colors right now are red black white and pink.

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