Day 4

Okay, yeah…sooo. You may have noticed there was no Day 3. Well, see I cut my fabric last night and then thought surely if I just lay down for a minute, watched a little tv, surely I’d feel like going back and sewing after. Hmm…yeah. It took longer than I had hoped, but here is a peasant blouse I made to go with the bloomers from Day 2. I got a great response from PZ on this. She said she wanted to wear this outfit everyday. So cute!

I used this much loved tutorial for the top. It took about an hour to sew it up. I added the egg shaped pocket on a whim, but like how it came out. Once again, this is part of my contribution to elsie marley‘s kid clothes week challenge. Head over there and see what everyone is doing.


2 responses to “Day 4

  1. This is a great outfit!
    I love the little pants in your other post too, the contrasting pockets are great! I am never patient enough for pockets on baby pants. You have been busy!

    • emilyflippinmaruna

      Thanks Heidi. My girls both love pockets so much they’ve kind of become a must have addition to any pant. 🙂

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