What I’ve Got Planned…

Q is turning 2 (Lord help us!) on July 6th and I want to make a quilt for her as she transitions out of her crib and into the bottom bunk beneath sister PZ. I’m interested in trying this one by Film in the Fridge. Any advice? Suggestions? Etc? This will be my second quilt, my first two successes are here and here.

Hubs and I are also thinking of trying our hand at teepee making. We spend a LOT of time outside in the back yard once the summer gets going (and we really hope it gets going soon!). Has anyone done this? I might need some moral support to get this one done!

2 responses to “What I’ve Got Planned…

  1. Oh, one of my friends just made her daughter a teepee.

    It’s fabulous and I’m inspired to make one for my own little Sprout. Please do blog about the process if you make one!

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