Must Have Monday – Peter Pan

Its the second star on the right and straight through until morning…

kelly retro dress with collar

Michelle Tan

Peter Pan and Wendy Mobile – Waldorf


cute slippers PDF pattern

La Boutique de Josefina

The Hook – a mounted mustache

Katie Canavan

Owl Hap with Ear Flaps

Fashion Crochet KidZ by Ira Rott

Steampunk Necklace


And Away We Go

Gouache Rocks

Orwell Clutch


Never Grow Up

Alysia Cotter Photography

Felted Leaf Headband

Craftsmen By Night

Crocodiles team the murky waters beneath my 4 and 1/2 year old’s bunk bed, she bathes nightly in a pool of mermaids, the whole family transforms into pirates when we pull away from the curb, and Princess Tigerlily, Tink, and Wendy have all become regulars in our day to day conversations.

My imagination has been sprinkled with pixie dust and taken flight as well.  The color scheme, the mustaches, the pajama and top hat combo – its all so lovely and wonderful. Childhood defined!  I’m especially taken by those adorable Lost Boys in their woodland animal costumes. PZ is simply addicted to this Disney movie. We borrowed several different copies of the book from our local library and the book on cd is one of her favorites. Neverland never seemed so close!

3 responses to “Must Have Monday – Peter Pan

  1. Love the dress! So pretty!

  2. Hello there!

    This is Mark writing. I am Liane’s husband and do the administration of her weblog

    Thank you for mention her and her work in your blog!

    Would it be possible, that you change the links to the naturechild-etsy-shop?

    Liane will close the old shop, soon. And all of your links leading to Liane’s site will be dead then.

    So it would be nice if your links could lead either to or

    Thank you for your attention and
    have a nice day

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