5 Gifts I Want to Make for 2 Kids Under 5

I’m planning on taking it a little slower with the Sew Flippin Cool biz for awhile in hopes that I can get a few things made for myself and my family before the holidays. Here are a few projects I’ve been looking at. What are you guys planning on making? 

Gingercake’s Gnome Tutorial would be a great one for making fun little stocking gnomes or cute christmas decorations.

I’m going to use a combination of this tutorial from The Storque

and the Katie Kitty pattern from Hillary Lang’s Wee Wonderfuls book to make a Jenny Linsky cat for PZ.

Ric Rac‘s Party Turtles tutorial would please Q oh so much. She never met a turtle she didn’t love. Which reminds me I still haven’t posted my Halloween pics. I’ll get on it!

An apron for both girls using Making It Fun’s tutorial (not sure if I’ll do the included hat tutorial)

And I think it would be fun to do a playhouse. Either a fabric one like this one from Sew Much Ado (think girly version though) –

or maybe a cardboard one like one of these –

AlphaMom’s Haunted House for Pint-Sized Witches and Ghosts

Mom Blog‘s DIY Cardboard Playhouse or

Make Baby Stuff‘s Cardboard Playhouse. Any of these would be great places for the girls to play during the rainy season. And in case any of you out in blog land haven’t heard about the Green Grocery Bag Challenge, check it out!!

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