Num Num! Lish-ous!

What do you do when you realize a 24oz container of Nancy’s organic low-fat yogurt has gotten lost in the back of your fridge and you only have 2 days till its past its expiration?


I’ve attempted smoothies before with very little success. They are one of those “easy -to-make” recipes that all mamas are just supposed to instinctually know.Well this mama was clueless. My smoothies, and popsicles I might as well add, always come out seedy and thick and just plain bad. Luckily my mother-in-law got me a very cute little cookbook for Christmas, The Usborne Healthy Cookbook, and smoothies are one of the first recipes in it.

The book gives instructions on how to make a strawberry smoothie and a mango smoothie with the promise that you can use many combinations of fruits to achieve a yummy, healthy drink. We didn’t have strawberries, but I did have some frozen blueberries I bought last week at New Seasons so I used them instead. The recipe is super simple I’m a little ashamed I had problems with it in the past. I’m going to hold my head up high though and let the praise of my 2 year old heal any bad feelings.


1 banana

6 large strawberries (I used 2-3 oz of frozen organic blueberries)

5 oz carton plain yogurt


1.Peel the banana and cut it into thick slices. Rinse and dry strawberries. Cut out the stalks and then cut strawberries in half. (I just poured by frozen blueberries straight from the bag, no thawing)

2.Put the fruit in a jug-style blender with the yogurt. Put the lid on firmly and blend the ingredients together until they are smooth. Pour the drink into a glass.

“Num num! Lish-ous!”


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