Sewn with Love – the sew along review

I saw Fiona Bell’s (Their Nibs) book, Sewn with Love, on Sew, Mama, Sew last November and immediately looked it up and bought it on Amazon. I was so excited. This book looked like just what I needed to expand my sewing kids clothes knowledge and help me refine my style with all the little vintage details. These are exactly the kinds of clothes I like my girls to wear and didn’t look intimidating like the few vintage patterns I’ve picked up and tried to decipher.

Now its the New Year and I have time to sit down and see if this book is as good as it looks. There is only 1 review on Amazon as I’m writing this and I’m a bit confused as to why. Usually these sewing/craft books are blogged about like crazy. I’m thinking maybe its because Fiona doesn’t have much of a web presence. At least no blog that I can find. She is on twitter, so I’ll probably let her know how this little experiment goes.

The book covers sizes 0-3 months to 7-8 years and has patterns for boys and girls and even a quilt and a few toys. It has four sections – Babies, Playtime, Parties, and Bedtime. I have no babies anymore so I’m going to skip that section, but other than that I’m going to attempt to try all the patterns in the book. Sounds like fun, right?!? Like a Julie & Julia kind of thing. If you’ve done or want to do any/all of the baby patterns I’d love to hear from you and of course I’d love it if anyone out there would like to sew/craft along. Feel free to join in. I consider myself an intermediate sewer and it would be nice to have someone to bounce questions off of.

I’m having Hubs print out the Button-Through Dress and the Dirndl Skirt today so will be starting work tonight.

5 responses to “Sewn with Love – the sew along review

  1. What a coincidence. I just found your blog today, and today I just posted a Sewn with Love giveaway and my plan for “Sewn with Love” Sew Along in February.

    I totally agree with you about the book. I really recommend it for anyone who love timeless style for her kiddo

    Here is the link of the giveaway & sew along :

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  3. I bought this book last week and can’t seem to track down where the fabric amounts for the patterns are located. Can you help me out? I was wanting to make the baby playsuit for Easter (which shows the yardage) and the handkerchief dress, but I cannot find the required yardage for the handkerchief dress! I’m making two size 3-4 dresses for my girls.

    • emilyflippinmaruna

      Hmmm… that is frustrating, Charlotte. I haven’t made that dress so I can’t say for sure. I tweeted Fiona to see if she can help. I know she is also on FB under her clothing line – Their NIbs, so you might be able to ask there. If it were me I’d play it safe and have 3 yards on hand. I can’t imagine it would be more than that. Good luck! I’ll let you know if she tweets a reply.

  4. I’ll be checking in on your results, because this looks like such an awesome project. I’d join in but I am terrible at completing projects, beginning is more of my specialty.

    Besides, I have a new embroidery machine to tame 🙂
    Drop in on me at: where I hope to tackle it all in small manageable bites!

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