What’s For Dinner x2: Falafel and Chicken Fajitas

Our second and third nights of cooking from the Usborne Healthy Cookbook garnered still mixed success. The falafels came out pretty good, but I didn’t read that I needed to start the Tazeki the night before so ended up just using 2/3 of the amount of yogurt and adding some water to it. The consistency was off even if it still tasted pretty good. I added some Thai chicken skewers from the New Seasons meat counter to the meal just so we’d have some meat. Hubs doesn’t like it when there are no animals on the plate. He also grumbled a bit about the lack of hummus and feta. I guess you aren’t eating Middle Eastern without them. The girls weren’t interested in this meal at all and both just wanted smoothies. At least the smoothies are pretty healthy (just fruit and yogurt).

Last night I made chicken fajitas. Hubs and I both really liked the sautéed carrots in the fajitas, but Hubs was disappointed once again by the lack of cheese. I thought this meal was pretty yummy. The girls ate just the tortillas and the chips and guacamole. There’s a guacamole recipe in the book that calls for sour cream, but Hubs makes phenomenal guacamole already and why mess with a good thing. (sorry no picture)

Hubs has very lovingly suggested that we, ahem, eat out tonight. I guess this cook will be taking the night off, but I’ll be back on Friday with the mini pizzas. What are you having for dinner?



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