Tuesdays: Two Kids

When you’re serving pb&j’s for the third day in a row, you’ve got to get creative! I call this my PZ&J. PZ loved it! I made a Q for Quinby, but she ate it before I had a chance to take a picture.

A couple of days before Christmas, Hubs and I decided to clean out the basement so we could make a playroom for the girls. Having the basement carpeted and putting all their toys down their has been awesome! Anyway, when we were cleaning things out I rediscovered a small piece of vintage luggage that had been my Mama’s and had been home to hundreds of paint chips from when we were big into redecorating our house in the EARLY 2000s.

These are the little dolls I made today out of those old paint chips and some pipe cleaners. They were super easy! I just put two cards together (wrong sides facing each other), drew the shape of a head, sleeves, and either pant legs or skirt bottom, then I cut the shape out. I twisted two pipe cleaners together (think two snakes in love) and flattened out the “arms”. Then I glued the two head shapes together, placed the pipe cleaners so the arms and legs fit into the outfit, and scotch taped the rest together. I found that glue just wouldn’t work on the rest of the body.

3 responses to “Tuesdays: Two Kids

  1. Looking forward to reading more. Great post. Cool.

  2. how fun! I have some paint chips I’ve been hanging on to and now I have something to do with them! thanks for a clever idea!

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