Embroidery Hoop Art WIP + Taco Soup

I’ve been so inspired by all the great embroidery hoop art that is everywhere right now, so I finally started a piece of my own. I’m kind of juggling many WIPs right now. This is still just at the beginning stages, but I wanted to show you what I’m doing. I have no idea why, probably because I’m just crazy, but this green and white fabric always makes me think of the Sweedish Navy. Maybe just what I think the Sweedish Navy uniforms should look like. Did I mention we’ve been reading a LOT of Pippi lately?

All in all I’ve had a pretty successful day today. I got in a jog this morning (7 blocks counts, right?), I am just pockets and buttons away from finishing my Sewn With Love first project, got another few rows on my scarf done and remembered that my professed dislike of cooking omits the fact that I actually really enjoy making soup. I saw this soup today and just had to try it.

Taco Soup with a few of my own additions, (I used Hubs’ homemade chicken stock instead of 2 cups of water, and I added two small carrots, peeled and cut into rounds, and sliced red and yellow bell peppers.) It was really good! I served it with a pear, goat cheese, and greens salad and tortilla chip. I also put avacado, sour cream, and a some mexican shredded cheese on top. Hubs didn’t even mind that it was turkey instead of beef. This soup is a keeper. Have a great weekend!


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