Must Make Monday Special Edition: “Winter Warm”, My Imaginary Craft Book

I was at the Yarn Garden last week to get buttons for this dress, and thought I’d check out the crochet craft books while I was there. The woman working recommended the Happy Hooker book, which I already own, but didn’t really have much else for the beginning to intermediate crocheter looking for a variety of craft projects. Slightly disappointed, I decided to “make” my own. Here are the patterns, and a few yummy recipes, that I’m including in my imaginary crafting book, Winter Warm.

First up is the Twist Headband/Ear Warmer with Optional Flower crochet pattern from ROSEDEW. I’ve been wanting a pretty headband/ear warmer for a few years now. Whenever I see them at craft shows though they are always too pricey for my tight budget. This year I’m hoping to make my own!

Next I’ve got the Openwork Handwarmers crochet tutorial from CreativeYarn. These are so pretty and really something that could be worn for more than just winter.

The Doughboy Slouch Hat crochet pattern from quadshotyarn looks like a really versatile and comfortable hat. Perfect for me and my crazy head of hair!

These Lime Meltaways from Adirondack Mama look so scrumptious, like winter with just a hint of summer.

I could walk right into Springtime with this cute Oma Slippers pattern from Mamachee and I love her idea for turning them into shoes you can wear outdoors.

Jeanette Ordas’ Maple Leaf Sour as posted on ReadyMade is wonderful. I’m a whiskey drinker and this will for sure be my drink this winter. Yum!


I’ve been wanting to make my own washcloths since I did my spring cleaning post. It just seems like such a lovely luxury. This Double-Sided Wash Cloth pattern from CasaDiAries looks simple and sturdy. Can’t wait to whip up a few of these!

This Hooded Scarf pattern from RachelsCrochet is the one I’m actually working on right now. I’m doing it in a really gorgeous blue from Lion Cotton.

These Salty Sweets from Poppytalk have both coconut and butterscotch chips in them. They sound really good!

HopandaSkip‘s Hand Snuggies pattern will keep my hands warm while keeping my fingers free for key tog and cell phone button pushing. Plus the buttons are such a nice detail.

Well, I hope you like my imaginary book. I’ve purchased all the patterns listed here and I figure it cost me about the same as purchasing a new craft book, only here I got to choose which patterns I wanted to do. I’ve checked out a couple of crochet pattern books from the library which I’ll be picking up this week. I’ll let you know if I see any winners. What is your favorite crochet pattern or recipe that keeps you Winter Warm?

One response to “Must Make Monday Special Edition: “Winter Warm”, My Imaginary Craft Book

  1. What a wonderful selection of great designs and recipes! I’m itchng to try the Salty Sweets and Lime meltaways!

    Thank you so much for including my Doughboy hat pattern!!

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