Sewn With Love Sew Along 1 – Cutting

The first Button Down Dress I made from Fiona Bell’s Sewn With Love book I cut all wrong. Its been too long since I made something using a pattern! Of course, I’m using patterned fabric that can only go one way which makes it a bit trickier. But no matter what kind of fabric you’re using, it is important to look closely at all of the cutting instructions on the pattern.

First things first, you want to print out all of the pattern pages for the Button Down Dress. You’re going to want to have some floor space or a big table before starting to tape all of the pages together.

Each page has a number in all four corners. Match the numbers together and tape the pages. You should end up with a big 3 page x 6 page grid.

Once you have them all taped, I suggest highlighting the cutting instructions on each pattern piece before carefully cutting them out. Pay special attention to the arrows that tell you which way the fabric should go and be aware that some pieces are both for the lining and the front pattern.

When you are cutting the Dress Front make sure you fold the fabric over so you are cutting both pieces at once. Same goes for the Front Yoke. You need to cut 2 lining pieces and 2 front pieces of the Front Yoke and if you don’t fold the fabric over and cut 2 at a time, the piece will be facing the wrong direction.

Each of the pieces in this last picture is actually two pieces. I just wanted to show what direction the fabric should be facing. There should be 20 pieces in all (one big back piece, 2 front pieces, 2 back yoke pieces, 4 front yoke pieces, 2 pockets, 2 pocket tops, 2 button plackts, 1 neckline piece, 2 armpit pieces, and two sleeves). The cutting took me about 1 1/2 hours. This dress will be for my oldest child and is a 5-6. If you haven’t ironed your fabric yet (like me, oops!) go ahead and iron the pieces now and next time we’ll get straight to sewing!

Just in case you’re interested, I watched How To Murder Your Wife while cutting this out. I love that movie. Such a classic!

*oops! My original post had the wrong number of cut pieces. It should be 20 with 2 button plackets

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