Love Notes (If You’re Family, Don’t Look!)

These are the love notes the girls and I made for Valentine’s Day. I have a little template here (SFCHearts) if you want to make one too! First thing you’ll want to do is print out the template or just draw a heart on a fold of paper with just a bit of the heart’s side touching the fold. You want two connected hearts like this…

Next you’ll need to figure out how many pages your note will be. I have the red construction paper cover and two white pages, one for each of my girls to personalize. Once you’ve gotten all your pages cut out, its time to decorate! We drew or wrote a little message on both sides of each page so there wouldn’t be any black pages in the note.

After all the pages have been personalized, put your note together. Punch a couple holes in the corner. I did two holes to make it sturdier. Then tie a little bow with some ribbon and send it with love to its recipient. Happy Valentine’s Day!

One response to “Love Notes (If You’re Family, Don’t Look!)

  1. Grandpa and Grandma Flippin

    Grandma and Grandpa loved their Valentine handmade just for them!!

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