Inspiration Wednesday – Crazy Cool Cakes

I’m having to post this a day late because I was having some technical difficulties. PZ’s birthday is, in her words, “just around the corner”, and we’ve been having some serious cake discussions. These are some of the crazy cool cakes I found in my research. She actually wants a butterfly cake. Anyone out there have any good birthday cake recipes or ideas on creative butterfly cakes. I don’t really want to buy a cake mold, but I may just have to.

This cake won a blue ribbon in the Kentucky State Fair in 2007 – (My home state!)

All the World’s sugar glass aquarium cake.


My Paper Crane‘s pinata cake.

A Delightful Day‘s Candyland cake

Betty Crocker‘s Lego Cake

4 responses to “Inspiration Wednesday – Crazy Cool Cakes

  1. Use cupcakes and two round cake pans (one smaller) then cut each round cake in half and place as wings on each side of row of cupcakes for body.

  2. Leith Christensen

    Thanks for putting my aquarium cake in your post. It really was just a crazy idea I had that turned out pretty cool. I did a butterfly cake for my little girls 2nd birthday, using the sugar glass for the wings and then little flickering lights under the wings to make them glow. If its not too late and you’re feeling creative you could try that concept. It was loads of fun to make and she love it. Here’s the link to my blog post with pics:

    Good Luck!

    • emilyflippinmaruna

      Wow Leith! That butterfly cake is cool!! I’ve never worked with sugar glass before. I’m going to have to look into that. I like that your butterfly is belly down too. My daughter PZ would love that! Thanks for sharing!!

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