Valentines for our Peeps and two new crochet WIPs

Here are the Valentines we made for the girls’ classmates. The first one is PZ’s. She helped me cut out all the hearts and glue them on. We did 6 different knock knock jokes.



Quinby helped make hers too. She glued the eyes on and told me which valentine went to which classmate. Then we used my butterfly shaped paper cutter to cut a bunch of paper butterflies out and spent about 30 minutes putting little butterflies on our noses and then blowing them off. She thought this was hilarious. Truth be told, so did I. Ah…hanging out with a two year old can be so nice sometimes.

In other news, two nights ago I found this crochet pattern on etsy and had to buy it. I’ve been looking for the perfect kitty tutorial to use for PZ”s Jenny Linsky doll. This reminds me of the Bla Bla dolls which I’ve always loved but never felt like spending all the dough on.

Another crochet project I’m working on is this one. I’ve started it three times now, (I’ve never crocheted in a ring before, so I’m trying to figure that out.) and have had to undo it three times. Luckily my friend Jenn is letting me come over for a lesson tonight. I know once I get it I’m going to be like, duh, but as of right now I’m like, argh!

2 responses to “Valentines for our Peeps and two new crochet WIPs

  1. I don’t crochet, and usually don’t like the crochet stuffed animals I’ve seen, but that cat is so cute! And my son loves the Jenny Linsky book (and Pickles the Fire Cat). If I end up picking up yet another hobby (crochet), it will be all your fault!

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