I was lucky enough to win two Ashley English books from her Homemade Living series through a giveaway at CraftGossip: Home Dairy and Keeping Bees. While I’m not sure what exactly I’m going to do with the Keeping Bees book (we just don’t have the room), Hubs and I have already tried one of the cheeses from Home Dairy. So exciting! One minute it’s all liquid and the next…boom! Cheese! Very cool.

We started with the first cheese in the book, Queso Blanco and had a taco night. Our friends brought over some yummy homemade Limoncello and we had a great night of it! Next I want to make some feta cheese and maybe some mozzarella for Friday night’s movie night. I also really want to make some yogurt. I might do that tomorrow. Fun!

Queso Blanco

Ollie's limoncello

Here’s some general info on the book in case you are thinking of getting it.

  • Chapter 1 is all about the history of cheese making and where the industry is now.
  • Chapter 2 is all about the ingredients you’ll need.
  • Chapter 3 is about the equipment you’ll need.
  • Chapter 4 is the recipes for making and storing butter and ghee
  • Chapter 5 is all the cultured diary product recipes like yogurt, buttermilk, kefir, etc.
  • Chapter 6 is the cheese recipes (there are beginner and advanced cheese recipes). 13 recipes in all, from cream cheese, ricotta , and feta to gorgonzola, swiss, and cheddar. (So excited!)
  • Chapter 7 is ice cream. I’m going to need to buy a maker so we can do some of these fabulous recipes this summer.
  • Chapter 8 is food recipes to make with the yogurt, butter, cheese, kefir, quark, etc. that you’ve made.
  • Chapter 9 is body care recipes.
  • There is also a resource section.

Overall, this book is very thorough with a lot of recipes in it. We found some supplies that we needed at a local kitchen co-op store called Mirador. We also found some at New Seasons grocery.

Ashley English’s other books in her Home Living series are Canning & Preserving (which I would happily trade the Keeping Bees book for if anyone has it) and Keeping Chickens.


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