What’s Happening in April

It’s April! Spring is finally starting to wake from her slumber and I, like a creature somewhere in between a deer taking its first unsure steps and a bear ravenously waking from hibernation, have been s-l-o-w-l-y and G-R-O-U-C-H-I-L-Y cleaning out/up my studio. It hasn’t been pretty and it isn’t over yet.

Ah, well, what I have discovered so far is that I have WAY too many scrap boxes and bins of clothes that need mending or altering. It’s hoarder central over here. So, in a nod to spring and its renewal and rebirth, I’m going to dedicate the month of April to upcycling, altering, mending, etc. What I haven’t touched by the end of the month, I’m getting rid of.

“Well that’s great, Emily. Kudos to you, but what does that mean for me?”, you might be saying. What it means for you, dear reader, is that I’m going to be posting lots of fun upcycling tutorials, inspiration, and ideas over the next coming weeks. It also might mean a scrapy, (as in scraps, not crap) giveaway or two, so be on the look out. My junk could be your junk if you play your cards right.

3 responses to “What’s Happening in April

  1. get sewing. It is time to take pictures!

  2. emilyflippinmaruna

    ha! thanks for the push Ally. I’ll do that!

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