Getting Back Into the Swing with Spring

We’ve had very sunny weather the last two days in Portland. Yay! So I’ve been inspired to get some fun spring sewing done. Yesterday, I made this little dress for Q out of green polka dot fabric and a vintage floral calico. She looks like such a little lady in it. I’m totally loving this style.

I  made PZ a little romper out of the same fabrics. I don’t usually do the matchy-matchy thing, but I had just enough of both of these fabrics and I figured one of the girls might not like it and I’d just sell it. Nope. They both want to keep their new outfits. Who am I to argue!? (Ignore the messy living room. I did mention it was both nice AND I’ve been sewing, right?)

I made this dress today with this great tribute to Tammis Keefe fabric from Michael Miller. Love, Love, Love this fabric! I got it at Cool Cottons and several others from the same line. I think I’ve pretty much perfected this dress now. I’m finally starting to feel like I can just sit down and sew cute clothes without too much trouble. Of course a dress like this one isn’t TOO terribly difficult, but more than I could have done last year, so I’m happy!

I’m thinking of maybe doing a tutorial for either the dress or the romper. Any opinions? Interest? Let me know! If you are needing a push to getting some spring sewing of your own done check out Spring Top Week for selfish sewing or Elsie Marley‘s Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge for sewing for your kiddos.


4 responses to “Getting Back Into the Swing with Spring

  1. I’d love a tutorial for the little dress. It’s very cute, and I’m a beginner.

  2. I love the little dress and I’d be up for a tutorial on it too! I played around with shirring a bit last summer but definitely didn’t perfect the technique. The Tammis Keefe fabric is amazing! I’m going to have to hunt some down.

  3. How difficult is the shirring? Can you recommend any websites/tutorials on it? I love sundresses that have it!

    • emilyflippinmaruna

      Its actually really easy. The hardest part is sewing in a straight line! 🙂 There are lots of tutorials out there for shirring. You just need some elastic thread in your bobbin. Use a longer stitch length and sew on the right side of your garment. I take my stitch length to zero, do a few stitches, move my stitch length to 4 (my basting length) and then stitch all the way around the dress panel. When I’ve reach the end I move my stitch length back to zero – this is like back stitching for elastic thread. It’ll keep it from falling out. When you’ve done all the rows of shirring you want to do, spritz the dress with a bit of water and iron it. The elastic will shrink right up. Good luck with it. You’ll love it once you’ve tried it. Very addictive!

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