KCWC – Day 4

I didn’t get to sew as much today, but I was able to finish this dress for PZ. The fabric is a great vintage seersucker I picked up at Knittn’ Kitten today. I may or may not add some shirring to the waist of this dress. I need to wait and see what PZ thinks tomorrow.

What I was doing instead of sewing was taking Quinby to Pine State Biscuits. We are probably the last two people in SE Portland to check this joint out, but MAN OH MAN,  it was yummy!

Quinby spent a lot of time licking the strawberry jelly off her biscuit while I scarfed down my fried chicken, bacon, cheddar, and apple butter biscuit, green salad, and sweet tea. Unbelievable! Don’t worry, I worked it off at pilates tonight.

See you tomorrow for Day 5 of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Just in case you missed it, here are my days 1, 2, and 3.

6 responses to “KCWC – Day 4

  1. Ah…the guilty pleasures of Pine State Biscuits! I love the set of dresses you whipped this week too. Very inspiring to make a set of summer dresses for my little Sprout….maybe if the sun stays out for a couple of days in a row I’ll stay inspired enough to do it.

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  3. I have never been there. looks yummy! On a different note, took the kids to Dots for lunch last week. They were sorta impressed. Dash thought it was too dark but loved the pool tables.

  4. emilyflippinmaruna

    My kids always laugh about how dark it is, too. On sunny days they leave the door open which makes it quite a bit brighter. We always just make fun of how dark it is. I think its kind of nice to acclimate the kids to all different kinds of restaurant environments.

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