KCWC – Day 7

Its the last day of the challenge. I had total hope of finishing up all the things that got put in the “oops” pile: 7 pairs of shorts (2 for PZ and 5 for Q) that I cut the waistband too short on and a shirt I made for PZ that would probably fit big on a 12 year old. This didn’t happen.

I did however get to hang out with two of my best girl friends who I’ve been unable to catch up with for a while and talk to my big sister whom I hadn’t talked to since February. I got to eat really yummy empanadas that my husband slaved away on all afternoon and I managed to get 1 pair of shorts fixed. I forgot about doing them flat fronted until it was too late though.

I really enjoyed this past week. My sewing frenzy put a smile on my face. Well, all but the shorts disaster night. I threw a tiny tantrum on that particular night. Next week, I’m going to try to keep my momentum going. I have two dress commissions to fulfill and I want to sew for myself a bit. I have a skirt already that I really like the cut of so I’m hoping to try and copy it. I’ve been feeling the absence of a workhorse black skirt and am hoping to remedy that this week.

Did you survive the challenge? What are you working on this week?

2 responses to “KCWC – Day 7

  1. Truthfully? Absolutely nothing. Still, I have a half-made shirt that needs finishing. Maybe I’ll get the machine out again this weekend…

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