May Giveaway Day!

Comments Closed. The Winner will be announced tomorrow. Thanks everybody for all the great comments!

I have always been into vintage, even more so lately if that’s possible. Vintage kids books, vintage patterns, and especially vintage fabric. You may have seen some of the cute tops, shorts and dresses I made for my kiddos during KCWC.

To celebrate my love of vintage, this May Giveaway Day  I’m going to make something out of a great vintage fabric for one of you lucky readers. I can do a dress or top for little girls NB to 6 or a pair of pants or shorts for little boys NB to 6.

If this sounds too crazy and you just want something you’ve already laid your eyes on, feel free to check out my shop and pick any item $15 or less.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite color is and a little about the kiddo I’ll be sewing for. I’ll pick the winner at random on May 26th. This contest is open to everyone, even my international readers.

If you have any feedback about my shop I’d love to hear that, too. Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog! We’re going to be doing a lot of fun stuff this summer.

NOTE: The items pictured in this post are NOT the item being given away. The item the winner will receive will be handmade by me after the giveaway is closed. 

153 responses to “May Giveaway Day!

  1. Pick me! Pick me! Jumping up and down with my hand in the air 🙂
    My favorite color is red and my little Sprout is a tall two year old who wears a 3T. She is fiercely independent and has an intense personality–she can focus on a small task for a long time, she can chuckle a deep belly laugh and she has a deep pout that she pulls out when she needs it. She would look adorable in one of your vintage outfits. In fact, if I don’t win one, I’ll probably have to figure out how to make one myself.

  2. I don’t have a favorite color-I love all colors!
    My niece is a spunky lil one who has a mind that is all her own and whatever she has on her mind you’ll know! She is a little fashionista and I always tell my sister to leave her alone because she might just be the next Betsy Johnson!
    Thank you for the opportunity;}

  3. Light Turqoise is my favourite colour. What is yours?
    I don’t have a kid so far. I just thought that I would love to wear these bloomers myself.
    They look so sweet and comfy. But probably they really just look sweet with little kids legs and little kids bellies and so I hope one day I can dress little kids legs and butts with such bloomers.
    Still there’s a little girl, the baby of our friends, and if I get a chance to win it for her, I think her mommy would freak out like me, too. In january she went one and to see her starting to walk and talk and growing so quickly and doing something new everytime we see her is really a miracle. Though it’s not my child she’s somehow special because she’s the first baby from friends and the first baby which I can watch growing up.
    best wishes **

  4. subscribed to you! love wordpress…is that your girl in the yellow cardy? darling!!!! xoxox

  5. Heather Lynne

    Ooooo I have two daughters- one size 2 & one size 5 & I’d love to have something for one of them!

  6. semiorganizedchaos

    oooh, i’d love a chance to win a dress! my daughter is 3.5 years old, and is a mischievous monkey! she loves anything with pockets, and her favourite colour is blue.

  7. gumbygoogoo

    What a super-cute shop!!! I have twin boys in sizes 5 & 6, and I would love a unique and adorable pant like these for them. I love blue & orange. They still don’t care. 🙂

  8. Your dresses are adorable! My little girl is 2 1/2 wearing almost a size 3T. She’s recently very independent, is outgoing and extremely silly, and has become interested in dresses and shoes the last couple months! She would love one of your dresses. Loves all colors, but I would say a teal or sky blue, yellow, or red would be my picks. Thanks!!

  9. I’d love a pair of pants for my son Sam (coming in August) in the Brown Diamonds fabric that I spotted in your shop or a mossy green.

  10. Colors are fun. I try not to limit myself and get into a single color rut. I find that when paired correctly all colors are so beautiful. My friend will be having a little boy in July, so I can’t say I know much about the little guy yet. I am sure he will be soft and have a heavenly baby scent and I haven’t seen a baby who wasn’t just simply adorable. Thanks for the chance to win. I know this mama would love to receive such special gift for her new son as she is crafty type person herself.

  11. Heather in Oregon

    My favorite color changes periodically but right now it’s green. I have two little ones but as my son (age 3) has a tendency to destroy most of his clothing I think my daughter (age 5) would be the lucky recipient. She is strong, fierce, extremely talkative, and interested in everything and everyone. She wants to dance ballet in overalls and muck boots and to drive the tractor in her (handmade) birthday dress.

  12. I’ve got a 6 year old girl with curly dark brown hair that goes down to her waist. I’d love to have something made for her. We love pink in all shades. I hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  13. My favorite color is green and you’d be sewing for my godson who will be 1 on Sept 2nd. He’s a doll. Cooing and laughing and shrieking now. And ALMOST crawling.

  14. Yippe International Shipping!! My fav colour is green. My little lady is a 2.5 year old pinkalicious fan with a apple green, pink and white polka dotted room. thx I ♥ this generous giveaway!

  15. My little niece Holly is going to be born in July and her mom loves bright, fun colors! 🙂

  16. Love your blog, thanks for the giveaway (and my girl loves the Babies documentary, too–that picture made me laugh). My favorite color is green, and my daughter Willow is two. She’s a size 2t with a 4t length (ugh yes I have to sew all her shirts if I want something to fit!) thanks to some tall genes on both side of the family, and a fair skinned redhead thanks to her daddy :). She loves trying to pick up cats, watching mommy cut fabric, and eating raisins off the floor.

  17. I like purple, but I love fall color schemes.
    My kids are both unique. I will have to wait until I win to tell you about them, though. Also, I would need to decide which to get the item for! Alice is 18 months and Russ 4 years so it will be a hard choice!

  18. What a great prize! My little 3 year old loves orange and green and she looks so cute in just about anything!

  19. Hi! Would love to win, I like all colors but seem to only wear the usual drabby black, brown, gray …. hhhmmm, BUT my daughter is going on 5 and LOVES bright colors and it makes me happy, too! She loves cute patterns and dresses, don’t know where she gets it from!!


  20. I love vintage! If I won, I’d would choose something for my little boy. He’s only 2 wks, but I’d want something in the range of 1-2yr, so you could really see the item and fabric. Right now his personality if just developing, but he’s a little stinker and will smile and melt your heart. His name is Westin.

  21. Oh sweet sweet stuff! Vintage and handmade, you’re speaking my language 🙂 My daughter is quirky, adventurous and a little older (9! gasp how did it happen?), but the little dresses would work just swell as tops on her! She loves all colors but looks a little sickly in green.

  22. My little girl (4 years old in two weeks!) is a complete joy! She’s kind and incredibly loving, and she’s extremely spirited. A dress made in any color that is bright and cheery would be perfect for her. Thanks for such a sweet giveaway!

  23. Stefanie Navarro

    My current fav color is yellow – but I really do love all colors! My little guy is 3 1/2 and wears a 5T – I swear – this kid will be taller then me when he goes to kindergarden LOL…He loves anything to do with sports and outside. He is obsessed with Lightning McQueen. He is excited that our garden we planted is growing (we have to go out to check the progress). He is sweet and loving and adorable 🙂

  24. My favorite color would have to be pink, or I’m really like purple at times too!

    This would be for my baby girl, I’m due at the end of next month, but I’d love one in a bit larger size since we have so many little clothes!

  25. I like most colors, but especially blues and greens. I have an (almost) 18 mo old little boy who is ALL BOY. He is constantly dirty and climbing on something. 🙂

  26. I love all colors, my DD who is 5 loves purple and ruffles.

    limor477 at aol dot com

  27. My sons 7 months and his favorite color is red! He likes just about anything right now!

  28. My 7 yr old daughter’s a skinny little sz 6 with blonde hair and freckles that just kill ya. What works as a dress now usually works as a top for the next few years! Great giveaway! She always has a book with her, and she wants to be a shark scientist and an artist when she grows up. She loves pink and bright turquoise – and looks stunning in both.

  29. My favorite color is orange. Let’s see. If I won, I’d probably like something for my middle son (that way the youngest could wear it next!). He’s almost three years old and adores his handmade clothing (mostly knitted pants that I’ve made). He loves being outside and getting dirty. (:

    I can’t wait to look at your blog and shop some more!

  30. Mariko Kino Harris

    I love all the stuff you make Emily! So cute! I’m inspired to make some clothes for my kids buts haven’t started anything yet. I like the shirred dresses and it would be great to win one for Keiya who’s 1 1/2 years old. We like all colors.

  31. Count me in for having a pair of pants made for my little man!

  32. So very cute! With a baby on the way I would love to have a little dress made in newborn size. I love so many colors but think I would go with a mint green this time.

    ajoyfulnoise (at) live (dot) com

  33. I was recently looking at some vintage dresses similar to that style just the other day. My favorite colors are lime green and orange, but my 3 y/o daughters favorite color is of course pink! (and purple works too) As much as she loves the girly stuff, she also loves to play with her brother and his many dinosaurs and cars.

  34. I’d like a dress for my daughter Ada but that’s for sure not what she will adore so maybe we better go with pants. It has to be pink. or purple. Or something in that direction but WAIT I just don’t wanna go with al this pink crazyness so do you have to offer somthing in pink with yellow in it. Or green? Or green with a little bit pink in it?! Oh well…


    dreschermail at

  35. I am crazy about green! I would love to have something for my teeny-tiny 1-year-old peanut. 🙂

  36. I love pink and yellow!

    I would choose a newborn dress for the baby doll that my daughter will be getting for her birthday in December.


  37. my favorite color is green but lately i’ve taken to liking pale yellow
    my daughter is turning two next month. she is starting to love dress up and loves to wear dresses. now that it’s getting warm i can put her in them more.

  38. These are adorable, thanks for the giveaway! If I win, however, I’d have to order 2 more because if I gave to one of my nieces, I’d have to give to the other two!

  39. I would prob pick something for my little neice 🙂 I think she looks darling in red.

  40. you would be making that cute top for a precious four year old girl. She is the only girl of 4 kids (ranking 3 in the mix). She is bright and bubbly. She loves sparkles and bright colors. She is the apple of my eye and loves to cuddle with mommy. She has the best laugh, and does so often. She is just a gem of a girl!

  41. My favorite colors are blues. Not really picky about the blue. 🙂 You would be sewing for my due in 3.5 weeks little girl. I have two older boys (4 and 2) and am so excited to get to make some things for a little girl. I would probably want something the 1 year size as I kind of went a little overboard in the NB clothing department. All the cuteness overwhelmed me.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  42. I love brown and green on my little one. Owen is almost 2 and loves all things animals and trucks.


  43. My girlie is 2 and is the most adorable kiddo you’ve ever seen! (Sorry, but it’s true. 🙂 I’d love a sleeved dress with some aqua or yellow. Some bermuda shorts would be cute too.

  44. my little girl just turned 2, has beautiful red hair, and loves skirts & dresses. She’s a lucky little redhead because she gets crazy tan and every color looks good on her =)

  45. My little guy is two and train obsessed. He’ll wear any color. Stripes are good. He gets left out a bit when I sew, so this would be perfect. Thanks!

  46. Hmmm, my favorite color? That’s tough…I am most loving jewel tones right now, especially greens, blues and yellows. My favorite little person? That’s much easier…my little 5 month old Jonathan boy! I’m just crazy about him. He is the sweetest little thing, everyone agrees. He is mellow and loves watching the world go by, but he can really get to giggling over an exciting game of peek-a-boo! He definitely has his papa’s personality, and it is so fun to watch them interact. Sigh. I’m so in love, with both of them. 🙂

  47. My favorite color is orange, but my almost-4-yr-old niece would say her favorite color is “dark pink.” I think orange and dark pink go well together. ;=) She’s precocious, smart, loves bugs and the outdoors, and is fearless.

  48. My daughter is four and she is obsessed with pink, purple and dresses.


  49. Robins eggs blue is my very favorite!! I also dress her in more stripes than is normal. My daughter is a very healthily size 10 month old – still no teeth and still quite bald.

  50. My favorite color is green. My youngest daughter (5) loves to dance, spin and let us know at all times that she is the ballerina princess. She never slows down. Thanks so much for the chance to win! 🙂

  51. We have a tall two year old boy – with beautiful red hair and blue eyes. So yeah, bring on the blue!

  52. My daughter is a little cutie with blond hair and blue eyes – she could really do with a light blue dress to pick out her eye colour, it seems to be a difficult colour to get for girls (soooo much pink!) She’s a cheeky madam who chatters non stop.

    Thanks for the chance to win – the dresses are so cute!

    jennifer grace @ hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

  53. My almost-5-year-old girl loves the outdoors and we live on a farm so she plays outside all the time except when it rains… one of those summery tops would look great on her!

  54. after waiting a life time I am a new SAHM for my 2.5 month old daughter Wren. She looks so tasty in bright colors. A dress would be great as I am trying to use cloth diapers with homemade wool soakers over the top. be blessed.

  55. Ooo, I just love vintage! Fave colors at the moment: aqua & organge 🙂 Or aqua & red. So happy.

  56. My favorite colour is blue. If I win I’d have to decide between my daughter who just turned two and my son who is almost four. I think I’d probably go with my daughter since she loves clothes more, however my son doesn’t get as many cool things being “the boy” so maybe I’ll go with him. We’ll see when I win…I mean if 🙂 haha
    I’d love to win, thanks for the opportunity.

  57. How about pants for a little girl? If you have any of that turtle fabric left I bet she’d love that too. But she loves all colors. She’s 2 1/2 but most people think she’s at least three–she’s on the tall side I guess, but thin–she’s my third child and super self-sufficient and independent and she’d love those ladybug rainboots up there and then she’d tell you she has bumblebee boots. She usually wears them with no socks, because then it’s really quick & easy to get her toes free. 😉 Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  58. Michelle C

    My daughter and I love pink. She’s a 4 year old who loves girly things, especially mermaids and unicorns! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  59. I love the color blue, but the 4 year old whom the dress is for is a pink girl all the way. I say that her halo is held up by her devil horns. She is very girly but tough. Last week during the new session of swimming a little boy said Hi. I’m George to which she replied Hi. I’m Sophia but you can call me Princess P. Love her!

  60. I would love a pair of pants, very cute:)

  61. My 4 year old daughter loves pink. Everything must be pink! I love all the stuff you make!

  62. Jenny Scott

    Great giveaway! If I won I’d want something for my sweet little 4 year old princess, she is tall and scrawny and wears a size 5/6. She loves dresses but is such a tom boy and can be found digging in the dirt just as often as picking flowers. If you ask her she will tell you she has 3 favorite colors, red, pink, and green. Thanks for the chance to win!
    okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

  63. Hi- Thanks for doing this giveaway! Your blog is really neat (my kids love Babies, too 😀 and I have a friend named Quenby- what a cool name!).

    Since you asked, my favorite color is blue and I have two kids, but if I happened to win your generous giveaway, I would have to pick my 18-month old daughter (my 3 year old son lives in his Batman t-shirt 😉 ). She is my little pixie! Tiny and always in trouble 🙂

    elocin at gmail dot com

  64. I am having a baby in Oct. I find out what I am having, if the baby lets a take a peek, on May 31st. So if I win could I pick after the 31st?

    If I happen to be the lucky winner you can contact me through my blog

  65. I’m a big fan of the green fabric you pictured, but also love my girls in purple. Though my 4 year old loves anything pink, pink, PINK!

  66. Beautiful work! Thanks for the chance. If I won, I would love something for my little guy, who is 4. His favorite color is red:)
    Thanks for the chance!

  67. I love the green combo….not all girls like the pink and blue so I like the bright primary colors 😀

  68. hilaryshort

    Cute shop! My favorite color is blue. My son’s is, too – and half his pants come from crafty internet bloggers!

  69. Oh I love purple.I have a 3 y.o and a 1 y.o to have to choose whongets the prize we’ll, that will be difficult 🙂

  70. Love your stuff! I am entering for my niece, who is 1 yr. and 5 months. I know she and her parents would love anything you make! There really is no preference for the color – I just know they’re not big fans of pink. Thanks for the opportunity!

  71. I have two little girls (1 1/2 and 4 1/2) and pink and purples are their fav


  72. Delightful! I love green and my little girl is going to be 1 in two weeks! You have really great stuff! 🙂

  73. 3littledivas

    The daughter this would be for is 3 1/2 and loves dresses! She wears nothing but dresses every day. My favorite color is pink. I love wacky combinations of colors too!
    Thanks for the chance!
    mtrand2 (at) gmail (dot) com

  74. I LOVE the clothes you have made for your kids and your shop!! So vintage-funky-cool. 🙂 My favorite color is green! I have two kids – a six-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy, both of whom are firecrackers AND sweethearts. Picking which would win the prize would be the hard part… 🙂 Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  75. no kiddos yet…i’d either put it in my hope box or give it to a dear friend.. your items are beautiful!! wish i had a darling one to put a dress on!

    thanks for the sweet give-away!
    email in profile or
    nicmowat (AT) gmail (dot) com

  76. Rough and tough mountain boy two &a half. You’re awesome. We like green, brown, red.

  77. You are doing really nice things – the clothes are so pretty!

    My boy justed turned 3 and we love colours a lot. Clothes for boys are often made with dark coloured fabrics – what is a pitty! Thatswhy we love orange, purple, green, red, ligth blue and yellow!!! As you can see in my blog 😉

    Thanks for this great giveaway! I hope we will have a chance to win 🙂

    greetings from Spain,

  78. oh gosh! what an awesome giveaway!

    my daughter is 2.5. her fave color is red (my fave is green, since you asked). she looks smashing in navy. she’s extremely verbal and very bright. she has boingy curls, dark blonde, and huge blue eyes. she loves the berenstain bears and playing with matchbox cars.

    i also have a baby due june 17th! another girl! so, in all likelihood, your awesome garment would get worn by my two girls before being given to someone with a younger baby!

    thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Oh, I know a 5 year old who would love one of these! Favourite colour, 5 year old girl, go on, guess….. yup, you’ve got it – PINK!!!

  80. Sasha Embleton

    I have a 2 yr old boy who would love a pair of shorts! His favourite colour is red (mine is duck egg blue!). He’s a very happy chappy and just starting to get a little bossy, he knows what he likes and will tell me off if i’m not doing something correctly.

  81. I love purple and red! But my almost 6 year old loves pink and red, he he. Being Eurasian, she has dark brown hair and eyes and lovely olive skin tone, so can carry off dark and bright colours in her clothing. 🙂

  82. My daughter is 3 years old, and everyone sneered on me on how short I chopped her hair, I DO NOT! It’s naturally grown from her baby’s days and hasn’t grown out much people think it’s chopped off. Also people thinks she’s a boy. grumble. Her favorite color is blue, though.

  83. EMILY!! I Still have your badge on my blog girl!! I can’t take it off…hehe

    I must say my Bubble now 2.5 needs a lot of handmade love right now so you can totally sew what ever your heart desires for her. She likes purples but she would be happy knowing someone out there made it for you!

    Hope you are safe and well babe!!

    xo Steph

  84. My daughter would look so cute in your stuff! I like making her clothes, but rarely find the time. She is 2 going on 12 and loves the color orange. She would really love a new dress. Thanks for the chance to win.

  85. Hi, what a cool prize! Please pick me – it would really make my brithday on Friday (hinty hint hint).
    I’d love some funky pants for my 11 month old daughter Quilla. I know you said a dress or skirt but she’s not walking yet so they’d just get in the way. She’s a rolly polly little bean who loves hanging out near her big sisters and the dogs (when they’ll let her near…the sisters and the dogs that is). We like robots, monsters, dinosaurs and bright colours – the rest is up to you!

    thanks for the chance, and i’ll be sitting here with my fingers crossed till closing now…

  86. I would love a summer dress for my great niece. 18 months is about the right size when it gets warm. Her mommy doesn’t do lace and frilly, or mch to do with flowers. She does absolutely ADORE FROGS, and so does Sophia. Green is great on her. Thanks!

  87. I’ve been hit by the vintage bug, too! Love it! If I won, you’d be sewing for my DD – a three year old tom boy princess (loves to play in the dirt and play sports, but likes to get all dressed up and twirl around, too). She’s needing 4’s for length, especially in the torso, but she’s a skinny minny. Oh, and her favorite color is pink!

  88. I love orange or blue on my littlest girl. She’s 2, but wears a 3T … often 4T for length. She’s a redhead with blue eyes and loves to be the center of attention (third child). Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  89. quietgracesphotography

    I’m a teal and lavendar type girl… especially when dressing my 20 month old twins. They wear 18 month sizes but are moving up to 24 month… at least in the top. They can’t hold up pants to save their lives :-p.
    What a fun give away with a surprise creation!

  90. Wendy Hatton

    Love the little pinafore dresses. I’d like a chance to win a pair of shorts for a 4yo boy please.

  91. I love red! I love pink! I have friends who’ll soon be having baby girls, too, so thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  92. Spreckle Mom

    Wow, this is a generous giveaway! My favorite colors are red and green (not the Christmas combo…think Tuscany), and my daughter is 4, but is tall and wears a 5T. She has red curly hair and big blue eyes with “spreckles” across her nose, and dressing her is so much fun. It’s like having my own porcelain doll. Thanks for the giveaway.

  93. My favourite colour is green
    Mercedes’ sister is due to be born next month

  94. I love purple and blue and green! This would be for Phoebe who is 3 months old and growing quick!

  95. love the giveaway! i have twin boys so a new pair of pants (that aren’t made by me!) in size two would be awesome. any color!

  96. Hi Emily,
    I would love a pair of your pants for my little guy Solomon.
    His favorite color is “Lellow” , orange and green are fantastic too!

  97. This might be the best giveaway i’ve seen yet! i’ve got three who are three and under, we’d love some homemade love! thanks!

  98. My favorite colors are blue and green. I can’t tell you yet if I’m having a boy or girl – I’ll know in just 2 weeks!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    jmhamlin826 AT yahoo DOT com

  99. I would pick a dress for my almost three year old. She is a little firecracker, full of energy and personality. She loves bright colors.

  100. This is an AWESOME giveaway! Those dresses are so cute that it’s tempting to ask for something for my daughter…but I have a pretty easy time sewing for her myself. Now, my son. That’s a whole different story. A pair of pants for him would be super-awesome-cool. He’s a super duper nifty three year old who loves loves loves green. His favorite things are gardening (sunflowers! ladybugs! dirt! digging! yay!), dinosaurs, fossils, trains. Thank you for taking part in Giveaway Day and for offering up such a cool prize!

  101. Hi :))
    Thanks for your ideas and inspirational blog.
    I love the popsicle and I’m thinking my children will love to try these themself.
    We live in London UK and the school’s summer term hasn’t arrived yet… but I’m looking forward to this and to spend lots of interesting-fun time with my kids!
    My twins -a boy & a girl- are 5 and a half years old and like most of the children, they loves rainbows!

  102. My favorite color (at the moment) is turquoise. I love all shades of blue and green, though. My daughter (who this dress would be for) is ALL GIRL. She is six years old. Her favorite color is pink and she likes to wear dresses even for playtime. Thanks for the chance to win!

  103. My daughter wears a size 6 and loves pink! She also loves pigs (because they are pink of course) and dancing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. I have a little “dancing ‘rina” who loves pink and birds 🙂 Her 2nd birthday is next month.
    Your pieces are beautiful. I wish I could sew but alas I cannot. I make jewelry.

  105. I love blue… and about the kiddo… well I don’t know much about him/her yet. We are due in January and not sure what we will be having. But I also have my sister and sister in law who are pregnant as well. So I don’t know. I guess if I won I would have to think about it and let you know… too much brain work for the tired pregnant brain right now. LOL Thanks for doing the giveaway though… I love your things they are so cute!

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  107. would like a bloomer or top – and would be for my little girl who just started talking a month ago and cannot stop – she is very cute adn would look awesome in a really bright color like yellow

  108. sunshinekmp

    Great items! We love all things PINK around here. My daughter (19months) is a girly girl and I’m loving it. She would love a fun new dress (Her outfit of choice always!).

    sunshinekmp at yahoo dot com

  109. anything you made would be amazing!!!! ada will be 2 in september but she’s pretty much the size of a 2 year old now. your blog is so great emily. love!

  110. Well! her name is Giggles (at least thats her internet name!) and she loves pink and purple. She likes wearing rainboots every day and just got her blond hair bobbed. She’s 3 1/2 and leaves her mark on the world every day. love her.

  111. dearmrsreese

    Thanks so much for choosing to give away one of your creations. I’ve been following your blog for about a year now and I really enjoy it. I’ve got twin three year old girls so if I win, you could make something for them. They love anything pink and I love anything green or blue. or pink. or purple. or orange. or maybe you should pick because I’m having such a hard time.

  112. Claire Ryder

    I adore turquoise and purple together as it’s just too hard to chose between them. Thanks so much for the chance to win this great prize!

    Atoxim at gmail dot com

  113. Such talent! I would love a handmade dress for DD who is almost 12 months old! She is a stinker who just decided this weekend she is a toddler not a baby! She LOVES the outdoors so much she throws a great little fit every time we come inside! Thanks for the chance to win!
    Suzanne dot Jourdan at

  114. I have a little niece who absolutely will not speak to me! So maybe I can bribe her with this! And she is pink all the way. ~Gerrie~ (

  115. My favorite colors are blue and yellow and if I get picked I’m going to have a tough time deciding which kid you’re going to sew for!! Probably my little guy . . . he’ll be 2 in August!

  116. Great Idea ! the kiddo I have in mind loves SOFT fabric, so vintage is great. She loves brights like pink and yellow and orange in combos, flowers and dots.(but i love her in blue and peach—so pretty against her skin and eyes)

    She wears 3 and 4 T. She cares deeply for others feelings(when not in the middle of her own feelings), she loves to be active . She swims and tumbles and runs and skips and spins. She adores books and hate bugs. She is playful and has a sense of humor. She is a BUTTON pusher!

  117. Love your stuff! I love green and purple and… My little one just turned 3 and wears a size 5T. 🙂 She’s slowed down this year, now she’s only in the 90th percentile! Big kid aside, she is so sweet and caring and I think may have the predisposition to be a doctor. Always worried if someone is OK and wants to help if they’re not – especially if mama or papa is sick (like we were yesterday)… People describe her as an “old soul” – and they might be right.

  118. hmm i like all colors

    i would love something for my daughter ( one yr old)

    thanks for the giveaway


  119. I have a two year old boy that could use some pants he could grow into. Would love to see what you could come up with including gray or brown. I love vintage prints and solids. Thanks for the chance to win. stephspitzer at gmail dot com

  120. My favourite colour is purple. But the little one you would be sewing for favourite colour is green. He is three years old and a very sensitive little boy.

  121. My favorite color is red. I will probably pick from your store as I have lots of little ones that I buy for!

  122. Hello, very cute!!! I have 2 boys–oldest wears a 5 (he’s a redhead and looks great in greens especially bright ones) and youngest wears 2/3 (brunette and looks great in blues). Both love animals, cars, trucks, trains, dinos, and playing in dirt. Typical boys!

  123. My little cousin would love one of these dresses – she is a girly girl and love pink – size 6. thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  124. What cute dresses! thanks for the giveaway. I would gift to my niece who loves flowers and the color pink! She is a size 6.

  125. My daughter is 5, loves pink or purple (or any color for that matter). Your dresses are sweet.

  126. Awesome, thank you!

  127. Hi there, I just want to say you make some wonderfully vintage items. They look great!! I have a daughter who is 10 weeks old, who looks fabulous in any bright colour, and her personality already matches that! She’s curious, bright, and just learned to roll over from tummy to back on Monday!

    Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  128. This is wonderful,so generous of you.

    My little girl turn 5 in May 12,she love dresses,skirts,favorite colors violet,light pink,girly girl.

  129. My dughter is four and she loves “all the colors, except for white, unless it’s with some other color, then it’s still pretty.” She has recently agreed with me that it’s difficult to properly climb a tree or ride a bike in a dress, but she does still love them. Thank you for this chance!

  130. Purples, lavendar, lilac anything in this range is my one year old neice’s favourite colour. She is toddling and would look cute in your creations I’m sure. Thanks for sharing your handiwork!

  131. I to have been leaning toward vintage lately!
    I would love to win a dress for my little. She loves dresses and says she is a princess when she wears them…which is everyday!

  132. OK, this would be for my 3 year old boy who loves cars and trains and his big brothers and the color blue! He wears 4T, and is the cutest thing ever!

    ppod1too at gmail dot com

  133. I love your Green Checkered Bloomers!
    Thanks for the chance 😀

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  135. My favorite color is green, and the dress would be for my five year old daughter. She loves wearing frilly dresses and playing with tools and digging in the dirt. She reminds me of my mom: feminine and handy. 😉 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  136. i have mad-love for anything vintage too! let’s see i have two sweet boys who would love something handmade. maybe something for my 4 year old so my little guy can wear it after his big brother out grows it 🙂 they love robots, and owls, and blue and green and yellow! but i also have a sweet little girl who is approximately a size 6 and loves aqua and cherry and pink and has a deep appreciation for everything handmade… hmm, decisions, decisions! fingers crossed, i would love to win!


  137. Martin Callan

    enter me to

  138. I would love to enter.


    Sk8ter.emily (at) gmail (dot) com

  139. Love your vintage little dresses ! They would me perfect for my girls !

  140. My favorite colors are blue and green. And if I win you’ll be sewing for a very active three year old boy who loves trains and towtrucks and firetrucks and animals of all sorts.

  141. Sierra is more tomboy than girly-girl. She will be 3 next month. She loves climbing, running in the yard, the backyardigans and the color green.

  142. My favorite color is blue. I would love a pair of pants or shorts for my 3 year old. He is so skinny pants fall off even with his cloth diaper on! He is only 23 lbs! He is a very active kid and is as happy as can be.

  143. My favorite color has always been green, since I was little. My little man is almost 8-months-old and is so fun right now! He is constantly smiling and giggling and making me laugh! I would love to win something for him.

  144. Laurel merz

    Josephine loves orange and yellow. She wears a dress almost everyday. She loves to swing, sing and play with her sisters. She wears a size 6 already!

  145. My favourite colour is blue. I’d love some pants for my rambunctious little toddler!

  146. totally a fan of the little dresses! my little girl just turned one. i told myself before she was born that i wouldn’t keep her in dresses, but i’ve done a total 180 since then. i can’t wait until it’s warm enough for her to wear a dress every day! 🙂

  147. I would love a dress for my 6 year old daughter, her favorite color these days is green!

  148. My little girl is Lucy and she’ll be three this fall. She’s obsessed with ballerinas, wearing dresses, taking long walks, and being a great big sister. Her favorite color is pink but I love reds and purples on her.

  149. Two of my granddaughers live very near me and they are both about the same size (4T). These girls are love dresses and skirts and anything ruffled but are just as happy in blue jeans and T-shirts. Whatever you come up with would be perfect and certain to fit one of them or both of them – they share everything. If it is too small, I have another granddaughter one size down and and other one two sizes down. I have a lot of granddaughters. They wear a lot of dresses and skirts.

  150. Ooooh, I’ve got my fingers crossed. I want a sew flippin cool item for my son, Xavier! He’s mister energy. He’s really into Star Wars although he has never seen the movies, just listened to the NPR audio version which is really detailed. He loves ” loving” on his little brother, Santiago. He’s four years old, wears a 4T and his favorite color is blue. Come on Random, make me a winner! Hi Em:)

  151. Hey, worth a try! E really needs shorts that aren’t too small! You know our taste, and clouds. E is more green, C is more blue. Thanks!

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