UFO Sewing Project and another possible giveaway

*Giveaway is now closed

If you are looking for my SMS May Giveaway Day post check here.

UFO – That’s Unidentified Fabric Object. I was at the Knittn’ Kitten yesterday and saw on the vintage fabric table a couple of ziplock bags with a.dorable fabric scraps in them. The bags were labeled  as precut vintage. I didn’t think much about it other than it was $1 and I could make pockets out of it.

That is until I got home and really took a look at what I had.

This was the first piece that tipped me off that I may have bought more than just scraps. Upon further inspection and a little help from PZ, we pieced together the puzzle into something like this…

 As you can see there is a face piece and 2 back of the head pieces, a front and 2 back body pieces, 2 leg pieces that are cut on the fold, 2 front and back arm pieces (see the little finger nubs?). I’m not sure if its supposed to be a lamb or a rabbit, cat or dog. Who knows? Any guesses?

There is actually another almost complete set of these precut pieces. We’ve got everything but one of the arms. I have another scrap piece that one part of the lost arm could be cut from, but the back of the arm would need to be cut from another fabric. Or you could just have a 1 armed friend.

I’m already sending one package out with my SMS May Giveaway Day so sending one more wouldn’t be a problem. If you’re interested in the precut pieces leave me a comment and let me know what kind of animal you think it is and if you plan on using a different fabric for the arms or just making a 1 armed friend. If more than one person shows interest I’ll  A)  be surprised, and B) randomly pick a winner.

Happy Wednesday, folks! Its another rainy day here in Portland so we’re going to need it.


3 responses to “UFO Sewing Project and another possible giveaway

  1. It almost looks like a fox(without the tail)?
    That is really cool though:)

  2. cute! i say a bear, definitely a bear.

  3. I think it is an incognito forest creature and we will not know what it is until it reveals itself. It will definitely need two arms which could be cut from another fabric and it also needs a tail. Then of course, it may need clothing or a backback. Maybe a baby. Maybe some friends. It could be the beginning of an entire stuffed species who will bring about world peace. And all of this for a dollar in a plastic bag on a fabric store counter. Cool!

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