What’s That? Up in the Sky!

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

No. Its a winner!

Victoria, who said – “I think it is an incognito forest creature and we will not know what it is until it reveals itself. It will definitely need two arms which could be cut from another fabric and it also needs a tail. Then of course, it may need clothing or a backback. Maybe a baby. Maybe some friends. It could be the beginning of an entire stuffed species who will bring about world peace. And all of this for a dollar in a plastic bag on a fabric store counter. Cool!“, is our UFO sewing project winner.

She had PZ at the mention of “baby”. Thanks everyone for commenting and I may have another UFO giveaway in the future. I picked up more than one bag of strange vintage precuts. Stay tuned!

The Truth Is Out There

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