What My Week Looked Like

I have had NO time to do much of any work this week. Q is out of school now and PZ is going only twice a week. While I did miss having those free mornings to sew, the girls and I have had a blast. Starting with the Rose Festival, we did library story time, kid and parent yoga, ladybug nature walk with the parks service, lots of playground time, some bike riding practice, a trip to the farmers market and two play dates.

We also got some fun crafting in. We made play dough and crayons, did some painting and drawing. My favorite project is the cardboard castle we made. I loved working all together on it and then watching the girls play with it on their own for the rest of the week.  

This weekend we’ve got some sunshine in the forecast and while Hubs finishes work on the deck on the front of our house, I’m hoping to do some hiking with the girls. We’ve got a birthday party and some baking to do. Plus, I’ve got tutus on the brain, so if I get a chance to sneak away I may try my hand at that.

I did manage to slip enough sewing time in to get my giveaway dress done and two dress commissions complete. (I’ll show them once I get the okay).Hopefully I’ll figure out some time next week to actually blog a bit. Have a great weekend!








3 responses to “What My Week Looked Like

  1. Looks like a fun first week of summer!!

  2. emilyflippinmaruna

    It was, Jen! But maybe a little child activity heavy. This next week I’m going to have to work on finding a bit more balance.

  3. Let’s get together one day next week to do some crafting maybe? I’m free most days (for a change! =) ) Maybe we could choose one thing off of our Brown Owls pinboard and make it?

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