What My Week Looked Like – 2nd Week of June

PZ will tell you that Dudley smiles when she walks him. She's right. He Does! We love you old boy!!

Quinby walking blind behind her PDX Beanie

My Ikea Hack - We turned this cookie cutter packaging...

into this. I cut them out and PZ and Q colored them and glued them to the popsicle sticks.

pizza sammies

Jenn Finn's Alphabet Birds painting. Thanks for the gift. The girls love it!

the important letters

yummy basil, moz, and tomato grilled sandwich on rye

My fabric airplane. This was after the craziest walk ever. Both of my shoes broke!!!

PZ's fairy tree

My cat print inspired by Frank Chimero

My snail print

PZ's cat and snail. We made these while poor Q slept on the couch. We are so ready for her stomach bug to go away!

This tree print I actually made at craft/book club a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Missi for the instruction and the great time!!


2 responses to “What My Week Looked Like – 2nd Week of June

  1. love the prints you all made! Thanks for having me over this week. I had fun!

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