My Queen Bee turns Three

Quinby, our “Queen Bee” turns 3 today!

Here are some things about her you probably don’t know and I don’t ever want to forget…

Her favorite letters are O,P, and Q.

Her favorite songs are You Are My Sunshine, Tiny Tim or “Turtle Song”, and her own creation which basically goes, “I am a frog. I am a slug” repeated over and over.

She is obsessed with fairy princesses.

She does not say “yes” she says “YA!”,  “p wyatt” instead of “be quiet”, and “o-tay” instead of “okay”.

She loves to wear fancy dresses as everyday clothes.

She has a favorite pair of purple, patten leather sandals with flowers on them.

Her favorite foods are smoothies, pb&j’s, and pizza. She also eat cherry peppers to be like PZ.

She loves turtles, frogs, runny babbits, and cats in that order, but baby dolls are by far the favorite toy.

She gives awesome bear hugs and will force your hand to give her tickles.

She has a laugh that is infectious and the biggest bright blue eyes.

She says she loves Mommy, and Daddy, and PZ and QUINBY!!!

One response to “My Queen Bee turns Three

  1. Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie :))
    She’s so lovely… Such a lovely age!
    It’s very nice you managed to write all of this about her to remember too.
    …And the photograph… So cute! :)))
    I should try to do the same with my twins to remember all joy they’ve brought (and they are bringing) in my life everyday…
    Have a wonderful magic day princess!!!
    Nic xx

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