No Nanny Nightgowns

My good friend Cory, who normally nannies for me on Monday mornings, called out sick today. Get better soon, Cory!! None the less, I was able to get a sewing project in today. I know. It’s been ages since I posted a completed project. Yay, me!

I saw this and figured I could do it too. Guess what? I was right! My girls now have two new pillowcase nightgowns just in time for the weather to actually get hot!

I used two pillowcases (PZ’s is blue with white diagonal stripes and big illustrated bows on it and a scallop edged hem. Q’s is white with blue and yellow stars on it.) and some ivory stretch lace. Simple! It took me maybe an hour to make both of them.

You can see by the snorkle and Q’s purple scribbled up legs that the girls found plenty to entertain themselves with while I worked. Today was one of the first days that really felt like summer to me. A completely lazy day. I took the girls out of their pjs to put these nightgowns on them.

Speaking of summer. Look what I found in my garden just a few days ago. Maybe there’s still hope for my tomatoes!

Here’s hoping you’re having a least a few lazy days this summer! Happy August everyone. Now I’ve got to go snuggle my girls as we do a few puzzles and continue our Scholastic Treasures summer long marathon.

2 responses to “No Nanny Nightgowns

  1. Oh my goodness these are so adorable!! You did an excellent job!

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